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8 out of 10

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy

August 2018… Pleasure Panel pick your product day.  The Patreon email builds well-deserve excitement for this day.  This was no exception.  Scroll…scroll.  STOP.  What is this?  No, it cannot be another Fun Factory product?!?  Ok remain calm, last month you were selected for a Fun Factory product and though it made its way into your collection, it was not the line of products you were hoping for.  Fun Factory Stronic Surf… read it again more slowly… STRONIC Surf.  <<SUBMIT COMMENT>>…and here we are, with much anticipation and thanks, Mrs. Sexy and I were selected to review the German engineered Fun Factory Stronic Surf PulsatorThe latest toy in their thrusting line.

The expert engineering starts at the packaging, even though the use beyond the store is limited.  The sensuous red and black layout of the box makes the turquoise blue stand out.  Hidden underneath a flap lay the USB magnetic charger.  A matching red twist tie as the finishing touch.  Unfolding the instruction manual, I followed the pictures on how to use the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator.  Though I knew it came partially charged and this line requires more time than most to reach one hundred percent, I had to see it in motion.

Pressing the “FUN” button and “minus” button, an audible cue let me know it was ready.  Pressing the “FunUN” button once more and the toy came to life.  Rather than the typical vibration, the toy moved forward and back, which makes the toy unique.  Not wanting to ruin the battery life, I switched the toy off and with a “snap” started the charge.

Laying Mrs. Sexy back on the bed, I lubed up the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator, and inserted it slowing into her vagina.  I did not turn on the toy, so she could experience it as a dildo first.  The toy filled her and thrusting it manually in and out caused her to produce soft moans.  Excited to have her experience the uniqueness of the toy, I pressed the “FUN” button and the toy began to motion back and forth.

The toy turns on to the “PERFECT START” setting, which is a constant thrusting pattern, designed by Fun Factory to suit everyone.  I think this is a fine starting point, but that is about all.

Pressing the “plus” button, I cycled slowly through the three constant speeds.  The intensity builds up as you move from “PERFECT START” and through the Constant Mode trilogy (SAMBA, RUMBLE, QUICKY).  Moving beyond that, comes the Dynamic pattern set.  These vary the thrusts from almost a unnoticeable shake to a hard pounding thrust.  Unlike most vibrators, once you reach the third pattern of this set, it does not loop around and cycles through them again.  To get to the last three vibration patterns, the ALGORITHMIC set (DIRTY DANCING, GALLOP, and RATTLE), you either need to press the “minus” button to cycle all the way down pass the “PERFECT START” or press the “FUN” button to turn it off and then press the “FUN” button again to turn it on and then press the “MINUS” button.

Though in print this seems taxing, the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator responds so quickly to button presses making the on/off… minus… minus… minus feature the best route.  Unfortunately, there is a noticeable break in action, with either method.  Exploring the patterns back up to the highest thrusting (QUICKY), I removed my hand from the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator.  It remained in place, providing hands-free pleasure.

Using both my hands to explore the rest of her body, she requested to roll over to finish.  The transition from back to stomach caused the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator to slip out.  With her ass in the air, I reinserted the Surf to continue.  Unfortunately, gravity won and the toy required me to hold it in place.  Ready to cum, Mrs. Sexy pressed her clitoris with a rumbly vibe, bringing her to the point of no return.  Laying in ecstasy, the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator was a winner.

She used the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator a few more times; alone and together.  I was able to give her oral play, while the toy thrusted into her.  This was fun, because I find that penetrating her with any rhythm is quite difficult with my mouth in the way.  With more and more use, the honeymoon phase with the toy started to dissipate.  We started to know that yes it did its job as it was designed to do, but her achieved orgasm required more than just the toy alone.

Fun Factory is a company that combines elegance and engineering.  The Fun Factory VOLITA! was a simple one speed vibrator, that though could not bring Mrs. Sexy to orgasm, did allow us to get more out of foreplay.  The Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator alone could not bring her to orgasm, but allowed us to try new avenues to her pleasure.

Using a traditional dildo to provide her with a thrusting motion, has limits.  I cannot use both hands to stimulate other areas, nor am I coordinated enough to provide a constant thrusting, while using my left hand on her clitoris.  Letting the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator do all the penetrative work, both my hands can explore her breasts, butt, and clitoris.

The wave-like textures covering the entire surface of the toy, provided some niceness, but nothing that made her go “wow.”  The pattern groups seem to be group in such a way that it reminds me of a man throughout his life.  The CONSTANT set is a young stallion that can go full boar all the time without any break.  The DYNAMIC set is where I am in life.  I can thrust hard for 10-15 second intervals and then I need a break.  Lastly the ALGORITHMIC set is any age of man, close to cumming, that does the determined forceful thrusts to put him over the edge.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Review

Overall, we will keep the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator, but I cannot say I would recommend this over the Njoy wand or a high-quality Tantus dildo.  Both these products can be obtained for at least half the price of this toy.

As for a score, this is tough.  I consider this to be the gold standard of thrusting toys, but unfortunately it just is not the Holy Grail I imagined it to be.  For that I give it an 8 out of 10.

8 out of 10

– Married2Sexy

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy for this review of the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Review

The Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Fun Factory Sex Toys. Thank you! 🙂 

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Review


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