Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy Review

5 out of 10

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy Review

by Pleasure Panel reviewer Puspus

I already had a fulfilling sex toy collection but I am also always on the look out for a new addition. I asked the Lovehoney Forum and some nice ladies suggested that I purchase the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy. “It has a different sensation and feel than other toys, it would be a great addition” I thought. I got excited and placed an order for the Pink Stronic Eins.

I had my hopes up and really wanted to like the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, but for me it wasn’t the perfect match.

First Impressions

The vibrator arrives in a light gold Fun Factory box. In the box there was the Stronic Eins with its handle wrapped in a nylon net for protection, an instruction manual and a red charging cable.  Very minimalistic.

The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy is refreshing. The hot pink color is very vibrant (almost neon) and the handle is black with three buttons (FUN=on/off, + and -). The shaft of the toy is a very nice size (roughly 15cm insertable and ~4cm in width + the clitoral bump 5cm width) and has a simple, smooth and sleek shape. The tip is slightly turned and tapered.

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From the tip the shaft gets more girthy all the way to the “clitoral bump”.  Picking up the toy in my hands it felt heavy. Not stainless steel heavy, not magic wand vibrator heavy but vibrator heavy. Supposedly the weight is from the internal magnet that bangs back and forth in a capsule and creates the pulsations or “thrusts”. The pink silicone is the basic Fun Factory silicone, very smooth and amazing quality. However, it collects lint and fluff like crazy.

The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy arrives in the travel lock-mode. It unlocks by pressing the FUN – and plus(+) – button at the same time. A light will flash and it is responsive. Again, the travel lock is activated on by pressing the FUN and minus (-) button at the same time. I obviously really wanted to try the Fun Factory Stronic Eins out right away, but I had to be patient.

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The instructions recommend a 16-hour initial charge. The long first charge somehow does the battery good and makes it last longer and healthier. So I plugged the charger in the wall, connected the magnets and a red light flashed on. I wrapped my toy in a pillow case and set it next to my bed to charge. I slept overnight and kept it on charge until the full 16 hours was up, and then… finally… after a long, patient wait, I got to actually try it! I was so excited!

I turned the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy on. It begins its thrusts on a steady back and forth pulse. I was honestly a bit underwhelmed. I mean, it moved, but maybe a little less than I expected. I wasn’t expecting any jackhammer or fucking machine, but something a little stronger. In my hands the sensation isn’t a thrust, it´s more of a jiggle or a back and forth sway motion when holding the toy on my palms. It moved somewhat but if I closed my hand around the shaft it didn´t really do much. I had a hard time distinguishing if I was actually sensing something in my hand or was I just hearing the small noise from the magnet, it was that gentle. The magnet moved, but the toy didn´t move.

Anyway, I wasn´t losing hope just yet. I scrolled through all the settings. There were steady thrusts, from a slow all the way up to a vibration-like speed. Then there where the rhythms. For example, an escalating gallop, a heartbeat…

During Use

First of all I rinsed the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy with water to get the lint off (yes, it collects lint, but all of it rinses off very easily so it’s not really a problem). I then added lube to the pink shaft and to myself. I switched the Fun Factory Stronic Eins on and explored around my body but obviously mostly around my vulva to get the feel of the different “thrusts” before inserting.

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Inserted vaginally, the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy felt a very good size. The silicone was slightly draggy but soft and smooth (lube solves all draggy silicone problems, so use lube!). The shape was also pleasurable but very simple and the thrusts felt very soft. I noticed that getting the toy to thrust harder was possible, but it had to be inserted about halfway. And I couldn’t hold onto the handle tight, otherwise I got the problem of moving magnet without moving dildo. But I had to hold the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, otherwise it would have just popped out of my vagina.

I tried clenching on to it with my PC muscles, but that wasn’t practical. I have to hold on to the toy with my hand. But holding/squeezing the handle again just dampens the thrusts… I had to just figure out the best way to hold on without dampening anything. I kind of just put my hand under the handle and let it lay there. This is what kind of worked for me. That way it kind of stayed in, but also gave me it´s strongest pulses.

I tried angling the tip towards my G-spot and letting it rub me to add stimulation. I explored the different patterns and settled on a medium speed steady thrust. Again I was a little underwhelmed, but enjoyed the stimulation paired with my fingers. I really wouldn’t call it a thruster, to me it really is more of a pulsing, gentle rubbing, swaying dildo -feeling.

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I tried thrusting manually while the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy thrusts were on. I thought, is it possible that “double the thrust-double the fun”. Nope, that is not how the technology works. When I thrusted the toy manually, the magnet inside kind of just stopped moving. That, or it just synced it’s movement with my thrusting. It’s hard to explain, but the main point being, it doesn’t really work that way. Either turn the toy off and use it as a dildo, which feels good because of it´s size and shape (but also defeats the whole idea), or have it on and let it work on its own. It just adds gentle sensation and slight fullness and weight.

Another thing, no, the “clitoral bump” does not reach my clitoris. I don´t think it´s supposed to even reach up there. Well maybe for someone but not me. For me it just creates a little more fullness at the opening. If I am very aroused I can push the Fun Factory Stronic Eins deeper and have the bump “stretch” a little past the opening and it feels nice. I did try using the toy as an external clitoral stimulator by letting the toy rub/move against my clitoris vertically. This didn’t really work for me either; it didn’t really feel like anything special.

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 I guess in theory you could use this sex toy anally, but I’ve read it´s not recommended. I would think the clitoral bump is enough of a stopper for “gentle” use, but I think that’s your own responsibility. I haven’t used it in the butt, so I can’t really comment.

After-care and hygiene are very simple. I just wash the Fun Factory Stronic Eins with warm water and soap and let it air dry. Don´t boil this, it is electronic, so that´s a no-go… But washing well is good enough especially after vaginal use. Also make sure you use a great quality lube.


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The Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy is such a beautiful, sexy and different sex toy with a great idea. For me it’s not that strong or orgasmic by itself. I know many rave about the Stronic Eins, and I wanted to be head over heels, but it just didn’t do it for me. I´m not even a power queen – actually my g-spot usually is very responsive to stimulation.

For me the Fun Factory Stronic Eins is more of an add-on to my clitoral stimulation than the main thing. I would not recommend this toy for “beginners” or as first sex toy. In my opinion this is a great addition to an already sufficient sex toy collection with all your basics already checked off the list. I also kind of think that this is a hit or miss… You could love it or be just “meh” about it.


+ Beautiful design, color and look

+ Bodysafe

+ Something different

+ Great charging magnets – stay on well.


– Lacks in power

– Doesn´t stay in on itself, but holding with hands dampen everything.

– No storage bag for repelling lint

– Expensive

– Not safe for anal use?

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– Puspus

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Puspus for this contributed review of the Fun Factory Stronic Eins Thrusting Sex Toy.


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