Doxy Number Three Review: Does Doxy Number 3 Beat The Original?

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Doxy Number Three Review… Does Doxy Number 3 Beat The Original?

I’m a huge Doxy fan, so when I found out there was a new product added to the small but perfectly formed range, I was extremely excited. I hadn’t even got my hands on one at that point; that’s how brilliant Doxys are. The new product, is of course, the Doxy Number Three. Hopefully you’ll have read all about it in my info post a few months ago.


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Doxy Number Three Review | Doxy 3 Wand Vibrator Review

The Doxy Number Three is now complete: the packaging has been glossily finished and the units have been distributed to various wholesalers and retailers. So of course, it’s time for the Cara Sutra review.

Would I love this smaller version of my absolute favourite vibrator? Could the Doxy 3 Wand Vibrator live up to the renown of its bigger sibling – the Original Doxy Wand?

Let’s take a look.

First Impressions

The Doxy Number Three comes in well-presented packaging, a glossy card slip-sleeve over the lidded box.

Unlike my black metal prototype version, the finished Doxy Number Three comes in gorgeous brushed aluminium finish with a removable silicone head. I hugely prefer this finish; to me it looks more sleek and sophisticated.

Plus, the brushed effect gets rid of any nuisance reflections in photos – reviewer bonus! ?

As I’d already tried out the prototype version (and loved it), I was hoping the finished product wasn’t too far removed. I didn’t see how it could get much better – even if it stayed the same, albeit in a different finish, I’d be happy.

Operation & Settings

To use the Doxy Number Three, you just plug it into the mains by way of the attached 3 metre wire with plug. Then, the set-up is the same as the other Doxy Wands – which you’ll be familiar with if you’re already a Doxy user/fan.

There’s a button to power on, then buttons to increase and decrease intensity. You can also activate the pulse setting if you prefer an oscillating vibration rather than constant; when turning on the Doxy Number Three hold down the power button for a few seconds before releasing. Again, you can then use the up and down buttons to increase/decrease vibration intensity.

Ooh, and the buttons light up while it’s on – as they do on the other Doxy Wands.

Doxy Number Three Review | Doxy 3 Wand Vibrator Review

During Use

This is how long I took to orgasm, through clothing, from a cold start, using the Doxy Number Three:

Doxy Number Three Review Doxy Number 3 Vs Original Doxy Wand Comparison

Yes, that is one minute and 24 seconds. When I’m warmed up it doesn’t hit the minute mark.

Oh, you want more?

Doxy Number Three is mostly responsible for my recent post in which I’m baffled about my orgasms. When using the Doxy Number Three I often enjoy my confusing orgasm – the one which goes on and on, and I can ride it out without getting oversensitive. I’m still unsure whether this is a multiple orgasm, but then the more I have of them, the less I care.

My Doxy Number Three wand vibrator is easy to use, lightweight and comfortable to hold, feels familiar because I was already a Doxy fan (Original and Die Cast) and is an unobtrusive & very welcome part of my masturbation & sex life, whether solo or shared. It’s an extremely rare day when I don’t come from using the Doxy Number Three – and this is down to mood, alcohol or having too many orgasms already and just being a greedy cow.

I’ve found myself reaching more for my Doxy Number Three than the Original or Die Cast (yeah, it’s busy by my bed) – or for that fact, any other sex toy since I received it. It’s quite simply my easy-come, easy-O.

The vibration is different to the Original and Die Cast Doxy Wands; it’s more… treble rather than thuddy bass. But oh my god, that treble vibration isn’t tinny or buzzy, it’s just extreme and raw power. Think massive Doxy Wand power concentrated into a smaller, lighter body. If you’re tingling at the thought then you’re about there.


Doxy Number Three Review | Doxy 3, Doxy Die Cast, Doxy Original Comparison Review

I’ve taken my Original Doxy Wand away with me on trips before, but there’s no getting away from it: it’s rather huge and quite heavy. It’s also quite loud… we’ll get to that. The Doxy Number Three is smaller and lighter (10 inches in length, with a head circumference of 5.75 inches) so it’s much easier to slip into your weekend bag or the glove compartment.

The original Doxy Wand measures 13 inches in length, with a head circumference of 7.5 inches.


Doxy Number Three Review | Doxy 3 Wand Vibrator Review

The Doxy Number Three is quieter than the original Doxy Wand and about the same as the Die Cast by my hearing (which isn’t the best, but you’ll get to hear for yourself in the video below).

It’s not silent by any means – but which (decent) vibrator is, really?


Video clip showing the settings of the Doxy Number Three, plus vibration comparison to the Doxy Die Cast Vibrator:

Yet Another Bonus

And if all the above isn’t enough for you, the head of the Doxy Number Three is removable as well. You can twist it and it unscrews. The head is made of silicone which is body-safe and non-porous, and it’s lined with metal to enable it to screw on and off from the main (non-waterproof) unit. As the head is removable this obviously makes it a lot easier and safer to clean thoroughly.

Buy Yours

Shop the Doxy Massager Wand Vibrators collection through the links below.


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Doxy Number Three Review Doxy Number 3 Vs Original Doxy Wand Comparison

Doxy Number Three Review Doxy Number 3 Vs Original Doxy Wand Comparison

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  1. Hey Cara, I just got mine & found a little issue. If I put pressure on in the two lowest settings, the handle vibrates really hard. I then have to squeeze the handle with both hands or turn it up to three to get the handle vibration to stop. So pressure in the lowest two settings sends a lot of the vibration into the handle, which is not ideal. Wondering if you have this issue? Thanks

    • Hi thanks for your comment – no, I don’t have this issue? I can feel slight vibration in the handle, as to be expected with vibrators & especially one of this power. But it’s not enough to cause me discomfort or alarm.

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