DONA Gold Shimmer Dust Review

2 out of 10
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DONA Gold Shimmer Dust Review

By Random Red Rose

Contouring appears to be the newest makeup craze.  What happened to the days of getting it all wrong? Of applying foundation that was four shades too dark in the hope you’d look like you had a sun kissed style, like you were a super cool beach babe? No?  Just me?…tragic.  To be fair, I am loving this highlighted cheekbones and shaded-tones makeup era, and when I saw that the lovely Cara Sutra had some DONA Gold Shimmer Dust for the Pleasure Panel to review, I couldn’t resist.  I could think of a couple of areas I’d like to emphasise with a bit of sparkle.


What is DONA Shimmer Dust?

DONA Gold Shimmer Dust is an aphrodisiac and pheromone infused powder that contains a fine glitter/sparkle.  It suggests, on the label on the bottom of the jar, applying it to the legs, arms and décolletage (cleavage) for a subtle shimmer.  The shimmer dust is available in three colours gold, silver and pink.  I was sent the gold version.

The DONA Gold Shimmer Dust comes in a jar with 15g of dust.  Inside the jar is a very cute, black powder puff for quick, easy and flawless application.  There is a clear sticker that needs to be removed under the applicator to allow the powder through.

What is it like?

Being infused with pheromones I was expecting the powder to have a strong smell but I was surprised to find there was little to no smell at all.  It was easy to apply and you could use a small amount for a subtle shimmer or build it up until you resembled a Cohen stepping into the sunlight in the Twilight Trilogy. Bling!

I’m honestly not sure if the pheromones worked, I’m lucky in the fact I only have to wiggle my rotund bottom in Mr Roses direction to get some attention, but I’d say the shimmer definitely would attract just by the look of it.  The shimmer really does highlight areas of the body incredibly well.  I loved the effect it had on my cleavage when I applied it.

The grains in this powder are so beautifully fine and light that once you’ve applied it you can’t really feel it is there.  It is easy to remove as well so you won’t be sparkling in the office two days after a night out.  Beware though it does transfer.  Your partner could end up covered in it too.  A major bonus of this DONA Gold Shimmer Dust is that it is edible too.  I’m not recommending you get a spoon and dig in but if you or your partner fancied licking an area you’ve adorned with shimmer there is just a subtle sweet taste to it.


I loved this DONA Gold Shimmer Dust and would have loved to buy the pink version, except when I scanned the ingredients post-testing I found a problem.  The DONA aphrodisiac and pheromone infused shimmer dust contains Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben.  Parabens are preservatives.  They stop things like fungus and bacteria from growing in products.  This sounds good but recently there has been some debate over whether these chemicals may be harmful to our health.  I usually avoid buying products that contain parabens, and this is the only reason I won’t be purchasing any more of the shimmer dust range.

If the DONA Gold Shimmer Dust didn’t contain the parabens I would be rating this a 10/10.  It’s beautiful.  As it does contain them I’m devastated to give it a 2/10.

– Random Red Rose

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Random Red Rose for this review of the 15g pot of DONA Gold Shimmer Dust.


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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. 

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