Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager Review

9 out of 10

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager Review

By Just Starting Out

Aneros and Cara Sutra kindly supplied the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager in exchange for an honest review.


1st Impressions:

The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager is a lot smaller than I had first imagined and I wondered if this would have any bearing on the pleasure I would (or would not receive) but more on that later. It is however beautifully presented. A bright red box embossed with subtle overlaid images of the product in a darker red and a simple, black sleeve slipped over the box depicting the item inside along with a brief description.

Inside there is a lovely box with magnetic fastening holding the product and, a short but informative instruction leaflet. The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager is in a vacuum formed tray within, perfect for when not in use. The box doesn’t draw any attention, perfect if you have siblings, children or parents from whom you wish to keep this a secret.

Meanwhile, the prostate massager itself, although being slightly smaller than I first imagined is very firm and well made. The two tails are very firmly attached and do not feel like they would come loose or off at all.

In Use:

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager ReviewThe Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager is very easy to use, perfect really as it is suggested it can be used by both beginners and those with more experience. Lube is obviously essential and, following a small application of anal lubrication, with a little applied to the tip of the massager I slid it in, gently.

Once the tip is in your muscles do the rest, gently drawing the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager up into your passage. Inserted I felt comfortable, no full feeling, that of being violated or the feeling of a need to do a poo that, I have experienced with some (larger) prostate massagers.

With the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager inserted it’s difficult to explain what happens next. It’s down to you really, no vibrations to stimulate just movement, as you (or your partner) plays with you and your muscles contract the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager gently tickles you leading to a different style of orgasm at the end. Different but different good, as you reach climax there is a lot more sensation, I can feel an orgasm building and it appears to last longer than before, around ten to twenty seconds which I feel *may* be controllable with practice, that said I’m not noticing any difference in the amount of semen I ejaculate, while it might feel like you are going to burst you probably aren’t going to start cumming fountains (but we’re all different so who knows!).

I feel this is something that will get better as you use it and understand it more.

The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager is designed to go in with the red tail facing back and black tail facing forward, the black tail points upwards and stimulates your perineum while the red tail acts as a means to release (again gently of course) the product once fun time is over. It is well secured and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break while you are removing it.

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager ReviewOnce out a quick rinse under the tap, squirt with cleaning spray and a wipe over before placing back in its box before the next time. Cleaning is very, very quick and easy.

In Conclusion:

I like this, I was concerned at first that it looked too small but it is perfectly designed to fit inside. The sensations produced are different but different good, as stated before and I believe that the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager is the type of product that you can learn to use and adapt your “me time” to, to get the best from it and for you, weather using it with your hand, someone else’s hand or a masturbator sex toy you certainly feel something different. It’s difficult to describe exactly what but  it’s not your normal orgasm.

I’m going to score this 9/10 because it’s beautifully packaged, it is very well made, it is very comfortable, easy to clean and will encourage you to persevere with it because one day you might just hit that spot just at the right time.

Thank you again to Cara Sutra and Aneros for sending this prostate massager for review.

– Just Starting Out

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Starting Out for this review of the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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