Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review (Unicorn, Heart & Hello Kitty Butt Plug)

10 out of 10

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review (Unicorn, Heart & Hello Kitty Butt Plug)

By Candy Snatch

One of my worst traits is the fact I’m a human magpie. If it’s sparkly or pretty, it needs to be mine. When I saw the gorgeous Crystal Delights plugs in this month’s Pleasure Panel round I was all the heart eyes. I was thrilled to find out Cara had allocated me the beautiful Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug (Unicorn, Heart & Hello Kitty Butt Plug).

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If you haven’t come across Crystal Delights, then you totally need to check out their site. They make the most beautiful glass plugs I’ve ever seen. From beautiful fiery crystals to dreamy unicorn coloured ponytails. I already own a stunning Crystal Delights plug and it is without doubt my favourite glass plug. But this one is extra special. What makes the Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug different is the changeable base design!

The Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug comes in a nice thick foam padding wrap to keep it safe during transport. As durable as these gorgeous plugs are a chip or crack would ruin them. Wrapped in white paper and sealed with a Crystal Delights sticker, unrolling one of these plugs feels like an unveiling.

Inside the package is a heavy smooth glass plug. The familiar Crystal Delights shape, of a squat bulb and long neck glints at me. The butt plug is smaller than my other Crystal Delights plug. The bulb is short at just 2 inches in length, this makes this a perfect plug for a beginner to anal plugs. The girth of the plug is 4 inches. If you think this doesn’t sound like much beware, objects in the rear entry may feel larger than they seem. Glass has no yield at all and 4 inches is plenty enough to get a good sensation from.

The glass used in Crystal Delights products is hardened Borosilicate Glass (aka Pyrex). This makes them extremely tough and hard wearing. They won’t shatter if dropped but it’s advisable to handle them with care. Every Crystal Delight product is handmade to an extremely high spec. They are quite pricey, but this is like the Rolls Royce of Princess Plugs.

One of my favourite things about Crystal Delights plugs is the nice long neck. I find this makes an enormous difference in comfort. The neck measures just over an inch in length and 1 ¼ inches circumference. This allows the plug to move with you when wearing it. When the neck is short it can cause a pulling sensation on the plug and this is one of my pet hates about butt plugs. I want to be able to wear them without discomfort.

For me the vital thing I check when buying a butt plug is the base. This is so important for safe anal play. If a plug base is too small to anchor it effectively it can travel inside the anal passage. A good rule of thumb is trying to avoid plugs with a base size smaller than the widest point of the bulb. For me I look for something at least 1.5 inches so that I can be confident in its safety.

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review Unicorn Heart and Hello Kitty Butt Plug Review

The Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug has a base of 2 inches wide. This is a good and safe size. I can wear the Crystal Delights Plug with no worries about it travelling. And let’s be fair, a visit to A&E for an emergency extraction is not exactly sexy. The base is thick, and this makes it very comfortable, it doesn’t cut into your arse cheeks like some plugs can.

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review Unicorn Heart and Hello Kitty Butt Plug Review

Now to the piece de resistance, the base. Embedded into the base is a small round magnet which attracts and holds the medallions in place. Included with the plug are a choice of three medallions. These come in a pretty little organza bag, which is great as it stops me losing them.

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review Unicorn Heart and Hello Kitty Butt Plug Review

The medallions are beautiful. The first is a crystal Hello Kitty. This is an inch in height and made up entirely of rhinestones. The little face is clearly discernible as Hello Kitty. Attaching it to the base is as easy as pressing them together and the strong magnet grabs it. You can rotate the medallion into a position which you like. The Hello Kitty catches the light and creates an array of sparkles which turn me into Gollum (Ohhh my precious)

The second medallion is the most stunning, a Unicorn made entirely of rhinestones. Just under an inch in height the Unicorn attaches as easily as the Hello Kitty and looks as beautiful. Featuring a pink mane and golden horn the Unicorn medallion gives me feelz all over the place. Its girly and gorgeous. The Unicorn is shaped and so sits against the base perfectly.

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review Unicorn Heart and Hello Kitty Butt Plug Review

The third medallion is my least favourite. This one is a plastic domed medallion featuring a white background and a heart made up of flowers. There are no sparkles or glitter to this medallion and therefore it’s my least favourite. Its too drab to be the base of such a lovely plug. But this is personal preference.

Wearing the Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug is an utter dream. The plug is super comfortable and being made of glass I can use any lube with it. The surface is fully non-porous and body safe, so I can wear it with confidence. Upon insertion the small bulb opens me up with no discomfort and slides home nicely.

Once inside me the bulb gives enough of a stretch for me to know its there. The weight is delicious, and I feel extremely sexy knowing this gorgeous glassware is buried inside me. One of the best things about wearing this butt plug is the effect it has on sex. The wearer feels fuller internally as they’re penetrated. For the person having sex with you the sensation is increased because its tighter.

Glass is brilliant for temperature play. You can heat or cool it to significant effect and it feels amazing. To change the temperature of your Crystal Delights plug its advisable to use water. Putting it in the fridge or microwave can damage your plug.

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review Unicorn Heart and Hello Kitty Butt Plug Review

I love the look of the medallions when the plug is being worn. It’s a great look, almost like jewellery and very different to a normal Princess Plug. I adore the way you can change the look of the Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug to suit your mood. It’s so unique and each one makes me feel totally different. The sparkly ones are definitely my favourites and if I’m brutally honest the third medallion is unlikely to get used.

If I was to suggest any changes it would be to swap the third medallion for a crystal to create a standard Princess Plug from the third look. But as I said earlier this is just my own magpie-ish tendencies.

Crystal Delights include a lovely black roll wrap storage bag, which is great as such a beautiful plug needs somewhere safe to keep it.

Cleaning the glass butt plug is easy, just wash it in warm soapy water. Because the glass is totally smooth it just wipes clean with no problem. Avoid using anything abrasive as this will damage the surface of your plug.

Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug Review Unicorn Heart and Hello Kitty Butt Plug Review

I can’t put into words how much I adore the Crystal Delights Medallion Butt Plug. Its sparkly and gorgeous and more importantly safe and comfortable. My only criticism (the out of place third medallion) is mostly my own preference. I give this Crystal Delights plug a resounding 10/10! It’s bloody beautiful.

– Candy Snatch

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