Silver Nipple Clamps from Bondara – Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10

Bondara Silver Nipple Clamps Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer stickywicket

The Silver Nipple Clamps from Bondara are my third try with nipple clamps.  Didn’t have much luck with the last two sets.  The first pair I got didn’t have a good amount of pressure on them so the sensation just wasn’t there. The second pair had a gold finish to them and the natural oils from my skin made the finish tarnish and blister away looking very unattractive.

Third time seems to be lucky, and it was a bit of a surprise as I got these Silver Nipple Clamps as a free gift from a Bondara offer.  At the time of ordering my pair didn’t come with the chain Bondara now offer, so hopefully with our next order we’ll get the new ones with a chain.  Either way if you don’t like the chain it should be easily removed as on most of these type of clamps any accessories are attached with a thin split ring to the bottom of the clamps.


So what are the pros with the Silver Nipple Clamps?  The PVC tips are nice and feel firm, gripping and pleasing.  They can be adjusted to giving anything from a gentle grip to a full on grab.  The spring on these works really well.  Fitted on, it feels like a stretching across the chest even though it’s just two pressure points.

Try not to go overboard at first if you’re new to nipple clamps. It can be tempting to go for full pressure, but any amount of time and when these come off it can be surprisingly painful (but then that might be what you want?)  The pressure can be adjusted well to wear from a few minutes to a couple of hours, whatever takes your fancy.

The metal doesn’t tarnish and the PVC is easily wiped clean of natural body oils.

Here’s why these Silver Nipple Clamps are a winner for me – they have a little hole at the bottom of both of them allowing insertion of a split ring and then you can couple whatever you want to this.  That might be some weights, or a chain, or if you want to turn these into vibrating clamps I suppose you could attach a chain and a bullet vibrator it’s easy enough to do.  You could attach a bell and incorporate it into role playing if the bell rings x-y-z will/won’t happen.

Simple toys, these Silver Nipple Clamps are cheap as chips and although I got these as a free gift I’d definitely pay between £5 and £10 for them.  Nice starter toys to get into nipple play.


– stickywicket

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer stickywicket for this contributed review of the Silver Nipple Clamps (£6.99 from Bondara)

Bondara Silver Nipple Clamps Review

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