The Wedding: What’s Yours Is Mine

I usually avoid churches, but for today’s special event I’d made an exception. Tucked away at the back of the seated area, I sat by myself while the service dragged on. I was being paid no attention by the spell-bound attendees, or perhaps assumed to be one of the church’s regular fixtures. A demure, long brown raincoat kept me warm inside the stone relic, while my long hair pinned to my neck by the buttoned-up coat served as a scarf of sorts.  

Raising my eyes while keeping my head lowered -in what would undoubtedly look like worshipful devotion- I glanced through the rapt crowd once more. Of the masses of people who had attended the wedding, I knew only one. 

The groom. 

She was rather pretty I suppose; what I could make out as she’d glided down the aisle, looking every bit the perfect bride. Exceptional figure, with a shimmering dress. The lace and satin were so incredibly white it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was made from the stitched-together wings of angels.  

I felt no envy, I was rather enjoying the show. Even if it did seem to go on forever.  

Finally, once their voices rang out in assent to the sacrament –hers breathy and excited, while he spoke with a tightly controlled calmness- they were declared husband and wife. 

In the excitement, no-one noticed as I manoeuvred myself into position at the head of the main aisle. The whispers of those seated at the back were muffled by the whoops surrounding the drawn-out kiss of joy at the altar, until a natural settling revealed the click-clack of my heels on the stone. A wave of anxious whispers and angry mutters accompanied my approach to the still lost-in-each-other bride and groom, which turned to gasps of shock as I undid and threw off the hideous overcoat without breaking stride.  

Long hair as black as my heart cascaded behind me, punctuated with bright red streaks. Sheathed in matching blood-red and skin-tight leather, I felt every inch the 6-foot-tall devil woman from hell the crowd was now visibly and audibly recoiling from.  

As I approached the happy, newly-wed couple, I saw that they’d finally disentangled from their vow-sealing kiss and were slowly returning to reality. I was close enough now to enjoy first the confusion registering on both their faces, then the blood draining from his as he caught sight of me. As if my very presence was leeching the blood from his veins and absorbing it into my leathers. 

My next move was hotly anticipated.

The crowd, a combination of men anxious to physically remove me, no doubt, and the women physically restraining them from doing so. I knew they doubted their men’s pure motives in approaching me. A woman who dared show up in church flagrantly displaying her sexual power via leather clad curves, finished with 6-inch heel thigh boots.
The minister eyed me warily, unsure what to do in such a previously unheard of situation.
The bride’s initial shock was slowly being replaced by flushed cheeks of hostility, hoping that I was simply in the wrong church, fearing that I wasn’t. 

I addressed him.

“Oh, puppy. Congratulations! I’m so happy I could be present for your special day…” 

He worked his mouth soundlessly for a moment, having forgotten how to speak. Snapping back to reality, he floundered rather adorably as his mind desperately sought a solution and his tongue tripped over his teeth.  

The Wedding: What's Yours Is Mine

“Mis… Cara. I… what are you doing here? Why are… I mean, what…” 

I crossed the short distance left between us and stood between the previously happy couple, facing him. With my back to her I took the opportunity to give him a playful wink. His face was an absolute picture, pure horror fighting with delight at seeing me again. As I straightened his tie I was really beginning to regret not wearing any underwear. Well, there would be time enough to deal with that later.  

The bride finally found her voice.  

“Now look here whoever you are…” 

Her hand on my shoulder caused me to spin on my heel, and I shoved her backwards by both her shoulders, almost causing her to topple into the nearby font.  

“I would strongly advise against ever touching me again without my permission,” I told her in a tone laced with authority and danger.  

“Consider yourself warned.  

Now. I have business with your new husband, but don’t worry – you will be involved every step of the way.” 

The shove had the intended effect and she remained motionless and unable to retort.  


I turned back to him with a warm smile. I was sure he shivered slightly at that; clever boy remembering to fear me most when I’m smiling. 

“Today you have entered a new contract. And I am very happy for you, don’t ever doubt that fact. I will overlook the slight matter of my lack of invitation to the happy occasion – at least for the moment.  

Years ago you entered into a contract with me, a contract which still binds you. Do you remember, puppy?” 

I hadn’t thought it possible for him to pale any more, but he now went as white as his bride’s pristine dress.  

“Oh… you had forgotten. How disappointing. Well, no matter – I am here to remind you.” 

I produced the rolled-up document from a pocket, then cleared my throat dramatically before reading from the legally signed and witnessed declaration.  

“Blah, blah, yes, your real name… oh here we go…  

“I absolutely and entirely renounce, relinquish and abandon my former independent character, volition and life, including but not limited to material and other possessions in my name, to Mistress Cara. I assume, adopt and determine that from the date hereof I shall fully surrender my entire self and the sum of my belongings to Mistress Cara. This contract made in sound mind in front of witnesses and legally binding, the date of…”  

Well, we don’t need all that small print, puppy, I think we have the main gist of it there. 

And now, from today, you do have a lovely new possession, don’t you?” 

He looked a little confused again.

“A wife-“ 

I spun on my heel again to catch her expression as I viciously expelled that last word, and she was pleasantly startled and horrified in equal measure. Yes, she’d do very nicely. What a beautifully expressive face. Her generous chest was rising and falling with fear and anger in a most distracting manner, too.  

Turning back round, I continued to address the quivering man struggling to hold it together in the light of this new development. And with an audience of their nearest and dearest, too. 

“Yes, puppy,” I carried on in a gentler tone. “You now have a wife, and whatever is yours, is mine.” 

“But you can’t possibly! This is outrageous! Why would you… but you just can’t….” 

“Oh yes, I think you’ll find I can, puppy. You see I’ve had this contract you signed fully checked out and it’s completely water-tight. You’re mine, everything of yours is mine – and she…”

I gestured her way without even deigning to look, and adopted a mocking tone. 

“…as your beautiful new basket companion, is now mine too.” 

Never before had the silence of a church seemed so ripe with sinful potential. I kept my eyes locked with his, daring him to break the habit of a lifetime and fight my total control, and his total surrender. He never broke eye-contact. Angry? Yes. Terrified? Completely. But mostly, fearful of what else could happen if he let his eyes slip for even a second.  

It’s true what he had said for all these years, we can only be true to our nature. Even in such a moment, on his wedding day to the woman he loved – a vanilla woman, but real love, nevertheless – I could feel his unadulterated need without a word needing to be spoken.

The subtle change in his stance, how he was suddenly uncomfortable not simply at the happenings, but at being stood upright in my presence.
The almost tangible pain at keeping eye-contact with his Mistress. A Mistress who knew his soul so intimately, it was like I was flaying the sinew from his bones just by looking at him.
The aching need to fall to his knees-and-nose at my boots and beg permission to lick and savour the dirt from the soles. 

All this flashed between our bond in seconds, and so vividly I was surprised no-one else seemed to notice.  

I pulled back from that electrifying bond to continue my mission.  

“Of course,” I declared, in my most nonchalant voice, “if you were to sign a new contract you could annul the old one, and reclaim your life, volition and any possessions you may happen to have acquired-“ 

A cursory nod in the bride’s direction, who was now leaning against the font and looking as if she may faint at any moment. 

“You have a choice to make, puppy.  

You’ve already committed to one contract and ceremony with rings today, and now I offer you – both of you – another one.” 

The WeddingFrom another pocket in my red-leather suit I retrieved and held out two small items, sparkling under the lights.  

“Rings. The giving and receiving of rings, one for him, and one for her. I’ve even supplied them myself… let’s call them a wedding gift of sorts.” 

I could barely contain my excitement at the next part, but then, I’d always become most excited when I knew I was really flicking his switches. Here came the gamble; I presented him with the reality of a decade-long fantasy. 

Extending my arm straight out at nose-height for him, I confidently held up one of the rings.  

“A PA ring. Platinum, to match the platinum cage it affixes through. 

And for her…” 

I stepped backwards and turned slightly, to capture them both in my field of vision. I switched rings and held out the second for her to see. 

“A beautiful, matching platinum ring. This, my darling, is for your clitoral hood piercing. No, you haven’t got one yet. That will be another wedding present for you. Puppy, didn’t you tell her how generous I am?” 

I give him a teasing, admonishing look. No, of course you didn’t, I think to myself. She knows nothing about me at all. Or at least, she didn’t. Until today.  

“…plus a divine, matching platinum chain leash to attach to it. Seriously, you’ll love it. Or grow to love it. One of those.  

Oh, I’ve always wanted a kitten as well as a puppy to play with… aren’t you a clever boy, finding such a gorgeous basket companion?” 

Contrary to her conscious demeanour, she smiled at the compliment. Interesting. Yes, she would be a very interesting project. Interesting and fun. Almost instantly the smile was replaced by the righteous anger which had beset her dainty features for the past few minutes, but still – her subconscious had responded. 

The Wedding“Puppy – now it’s up to you to decide. I have everything arranged, a ring-exchanging ceremony and fitting, with new binding contracts and collars, and the grandest reception you ever did attend. You are both the guests of honour, of course.  

Or, you may refuse my generous gifts and offer and sign an annulment of our previous agreement. You will live your life with your admittedly beautiful if vanilla…” 

I couldn’t help it, the emphasis was a touch of cruelty on my part. 

“…wife, and I will no longer be your Mistress. I will set you both free. You will never hear from or see me ever again; as the years pass I will become only a memory of your former self and life.” 

While I delivered the ultimatum, his fists had become more and more clenched, until I could quite clearly make out the whites of his knuckles. He shook slightly, but whether it was the result of fearful trembling or bristling with rage I couldn’t be sure. 

His bride, meanwhile, looked from his face to mine and back again in absolute disbelief at what she was hearing. But also something else: curiosity.  

“You have a little time to decide, puppy.” 

He sagged a little in relief, as if time could help him some. 

“I have a car waiting to take you, your bride and I to the ceremony I’ve arranged, and the grand reception of your new life as my pets.  

Or, it will take me away from you and out of both of your lives forever.” 

His eyes were still locked on to mine, steeling himself for the price, desperate tears at the possible loss threatening to emerge and douse any rage. 

The Wedding“I am leaving now. You have the time it takes for me to walk back up the aisle and reach the main doors. Once I set foot outside this church, if you have not begged me to claim both you and your bride as my lifetime pets, you will lose me forever.  

Make your choice.” 

And with that, and with my heart thumping with a fear of my own but a tendril of hope underneath my red leather, I turned on my spiked heel and began the long walk back up the aisle towards sunlight, and hope.


The Wedding: What's Yours Is MineWritten for Fetish Friday and as a congratulatory gift to my 10 years+ long-distance slave, Denied, on his recent engagement. Best wishes to you and your lovely lady, puppy.


The Wedding story is unsponsored and unaffiliated


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