Revealing Our Love For The Folded Deckchair Sex Position

I can’t remember exactly who it was I was speaking to on Twitter a few months back. All I remember is the revelation that our favourite sex position actually has a name. I shouldn’t have been so surprised, really; pretty much every glossy magazine regularly boasts about “69 Sex Positions You Never Knew Existed!” and “100 New Sex Positions You Need To Try Right NOW!” Forget your ‘Wheelbarrow’ and your ‘Pretzel’ however; our fave is the Folded Deckchair Sex Position 

Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Sex Position And How To Try It Out

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly; the Folded Deckchair Sex Position. No, it’s not the one where you collapse in a crumpled heap. Oh, and don’t worry; no-one gets their fingers painfully trapped. 

What On Earth Is The Folded Deckchair Position?

In the Folded Deckchair Sex Position, the ‘penis-receiver’ is on their back. The ‘penis-giver’ kneels between their legs and the receiver puts their legs over the giver’s shoulders. During penetrative sex the penis doing the penetrating is thrust deeply into the receiver’s body, folding the receiver’s body in the process much like how a traditional deckchair folds up. 

Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Position So Much (OMG)

When trying to think how to explain my/our love of the Folded Deckchair Sex Position, one thought kept surfacing above all others.  

It’s like he’s trying to fuck my throat from the other side. 

By which I mean, sex like this is deep. Incredibly, mind-blowingly (sometimes terrifyingly) deep. Lying there with his weight against my arse/the backs of my thighs, my legs hooked over his shoulders and him pounding his cock into my pussy, I start making the type of involuntary noises most porn producers can only dream of.  

In addition, there’s the fact he bears his weight down on to my wrists as he holds me down. He can see how much I’m enjoying his savage fuckery of me, and I can see how dominantly and aggressively he’s fucking me. And how much he’s enjoying not just the physical sensations but also being able to see the effect of every extra-deep thrust play out across my contorted face, and instigate then take pleasure in every piteously desperate moan. 

No, He Doesn’t Have A Small Penis *eyeroll*

The Folded Deckchair Sex Position has been the subject of some seriously unfair marketing. If you Google it then you’ll see some results mention it in lists of ‘Sex Positions For A Small Penis’. If you do have a small penis, fair enough. You do you. Power to bros with small hose.  


  1. My partner doesn’t have a small penis 
  1. Our love of this sex position isn’t penis-size related 

We just love it extra deep. Simple as that. Sex in the Folded Deckchair Sex Position gives us a kinky twist on the missionary position which turns sex from thrust-spunk-snore into deliciously ouchy, purrtastic, sexy yum. Yep, it’s that good that I lose the ability to articulate my feelings about it in any coherent manner. 

Tbf, You Need To Be A Bit Flexible

Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Sex Position And How To Try It OutAlthough we harbour serious love for the Folded Deckchair Sex Position, I realise that it might not be comfortable or even possible for everyone. Even if you can get your legs over his shoulders then you still might not be able to bend your legs enough like that to allow him penetrative entry.  

Therefore, I’m certainly not saying here that the Folded Deckchair will be the perfect sex position for everyone, just that we find it incredibly intimate, erotic and orgasmically effective for us. 

Working Up To A Total ‘Deckchair Fold’

Here’s an idea of how you could potentially work up to the complete Folded Deckchair Sex Position. It’s the sort of physical training plan that you won’t find over at Fitness First. 

Conduct A Private Flexibility Check

How far up can you raise your legs when you’re lying on the bed? Remember that you won’t have to hold them in position yourself, your partner will have their body weight behind them.  

Can you bend at the knees, so your thighs are against your breasts? Can you straighten your legs so you’re at a right angle, legs upright and soles of your feet facing the ceiling?  

These exercises could give you a good idea about how much flexibility you have, before you try out the position with your partner.  

Train Up While He Gives You Oral Sex

When he’s going down on you, you’re presented with a great opportunity for a bit of Folded Deckchair training-up. Discuss your plans with your partner before the sex session of course, so it doesn’t come as a (possibly unwanted) surprise, then lightly rest your toes on his back as he’s licking you. If you can, move your knees upwards, towards you, and rest your feet gently on his shoulders.  

How does that feel? This should give you a helpful indication to how easy you’ll find the transition to hooking your legs over his shoulders during future sex sessions.  

Step Up The Training With Pre-Thrust Kisses

If you’re still uncertain about the whole Folded Deckchair shebang, and you’re wary about how uncomfy you might find it, then leave penetration for another day and relish a saucy snog or two instead.  

With him starting off between your legs, move from toes on his back, to feet on his shoulders, to slipping them over his shoulders as he moves up to kiss you. Ongoing communication, as always, is vital. Use your words. Don’t hesitate to tell him verbally if you need him to stop at any time; if you feel any discomfort or pain.  

These legs-over-the-shoulders practice sessions with bonus kisses will give you a clear indication of how close to penetrative sex you could get in that position.  

Flexibility Is Vital (No, I Don’t Mean Your Limbs)

Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Sex Position And How To Try It OutSurely the main attraction of sex is that it’s pleasurable. Pleasurable for everyone involved. There’s a few ways you can help make sure of it: consent (obviously), clear communication between partners, making adjustments throughout to ensure your partner is happy/comfortable at all times.  

What I mean is, don’t worry if your first Folded Deckchair sex session doesn’t stick to the rules. What even are the rules in sex anyway? Consent, honesty, enjoyment. Perhaps you’ll hook your legs over his shoulders and he’ll fuck you to oblivion in a sex session you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Maybe you’ll enjoy a standard deckchair, or unhook a leg or two and have hot missionary, or flip over for the familiar comforts of doggy style. Flexibility in sex is vital, like I say.  

In Conclusion

The Folded Deckchair Sex Position is definitely in our top 3 sex positions. I get to see how wickedly snarly he is as he ravages my body, and I feel so deeply fucked that I become sure I’ll soon feel his cock tip behind my tonsils. He can hold me down tightly as his full weight keeps me folded up, my knees on my shoulders and my hips angled upwards for breath-taking G-spot bashing. 

If you get the chance to try the Folded Deckchair Sex Position out (and in case I haven’t been clear enough already), my spoilt pussy and I seriously recommend it.

Why We Love The Folded Deckchair Sex Position And How To Try It Out

Written for the sheer love of sex… unsponsored, unaffiliated post.

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