Review: Fleshlight Girls Jesse Jane Lotus (vagina) male masturbator

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Fleshlight Girls Jesse Jane Vagina Male Masturbator Review

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After reviewing various cheaper and other male masturbators, I was very keen to get an actual Fleshlight for Sable to try out. These things have made me have penis envy for a number of years now, ever since I stuck my finger into a (sample for video) Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit back in the days of working in a sex toys office.


Thanks to the good people of Goodie Drawer, we are now the proud owners of the Fleshlight Girls Jesse Jane Lotus. Lotus being the Fleshlight way of saying, this is the vaginal entrance style masturbator, guys. Fleshlight use a number of terms to describe their masturbators, for example:

Lotus: vagina style entrance

Forbidden: anal style entrance

Swallow: Oral/Mouth style

The Fleshlight Girls range are in a variety of flesh colours, there is also the Fleshlight Ice (translucent) styles to choose from and the original Pink Lady Fleshlights. For the gay man there is a large range of Fleshjack masturbators in pink, flesh and ice accordingly.

There are a variety of inner canal textures too, such as smooth, vortex, wonder wave and stamina training.

We were excited to try out the Jesse Jane Lotus Fleshlight and even Jesse got in on the excitement.

The Jesse Jane Lotus Fleshlight is packaged professionally, in the usual Fleshlight glossy outer box through which you can see the torchlike canister masturbator with a clear window making up one side of the box. The rest of the box is white with neon pink highlights and trim, with a few professional shots of lovely Jesse in black underwear holding her signature Fleshlight. The back of the box gives you Jesse Jane’s stats, manufacture and patent details, explains the sleeve is made from durable and phthalates free Superskin and has a company QR code. Lifting the Fleshlight out of the box you reveal that there is also a mini catalogue/leaflet included, which displays the huge range of Fleshlights and Fleshjacks available, and a small sachet of Fleshlube water based lubricant which you can use with your Fleshlight.

It’s a good idea to take the Fleshlight apart before first use and rinse it through with warm water, letting it dry thoroughly. You also need to remove the inner plastic tube which has kept the internal canal in pristine condition since manufacture and through storage and transit. If your Fleshlight gets less silky than it was at the start after rinsing, you can renew it with a sprinkle of cornflour (or you can buy the Fleshlight Renew powder which is effectively the same stuff, as far as I’m aware). Make sure the Fleshlight sleeve is completely dry before you do this, though.

We were ready to go with the Fleshlight. Having lined up a variety of male masturbators and sex toys for Sable over the past few months, I was especially interested in knowing how this top brand name masturbator compared to lower price and own brand versions. You can read my other male masturbator reviews here. The Jesse Jane Fleshlight didn’t let either of us down. I can obviously only go on what Sable tells me but I trust him to be honest and in any case I’d be able to tell what he really thinks. This Fleshlight is easy to use and to clean through between uses, and the entrance, inner canal and texture of the material really does feel lifelike. The only things he mentioned were that you’d need to warm it beforehand in warm water if you wanted it really lifelike and flesh temperature, and that you need somewhere private to lay it out to dry after washing. We have our own bathroom off the bedroom but for those with a shared bathroom you will need to think about where you’re going to lay it out. On the bed on a towel is great I guess.

The Superskin material (Fleshlight’s brand name for their version of TPE/TPR) feels fantastic, but unfortunately this material is porous which means you need to clean it extremely well between uses and always use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner spray. I don’t know if it’s possible even then to remove all traces of possible bacteria on the surface of the material and entering inside the material. If porous materials aren’t for you then you won’t be into the Fleshlight range (or likely, other sex toys made with real feel materials either).

This issue doesn’t really bother us too much and we take the best possible care of our sex toys, cleaning straight away after use and storing carefully. Sable really enjoyed using the Jesse Jane Lotus Fleshlight and I enjoyed watching and encouraging 😉

Thank you Goodie Drawer for providing this exciting product for us to try out and keep, free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Looking forward to using more Fleshlight products in the future.

If you’d like to try this out, you can buy the Jesse Jane Lotus Fleshlight male masturbator at Goodie Drawer here for £59.99.

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