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Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy

Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel selected me to review the Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker.  So with a big thank you, let me get on with my review. The sleeve is housed in a see-through plastic snap close clear plastic container.  A thin paper insert provided product information and minimal instructions. I suspect you could use this packaging for storage, but I chose to discard it.  Opening the packaging did not require any tools, and once in you could easily pull out the sleeve.

The Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker is around 7 to 8 inches long and is made of a tacky jelly-feel material.  It is designed to look like a screw with threading on the outside and inside, along with the hole for which you use to get off. The insertion point does not resemble any anatomical shape. Besides the insertion hole on the “screw head” side, there is another hole at the point opposite the point on the tip of the screw.  This is not an insertion point, but rather an escape for the air during thrusting and for easy clean up. The sleeve will rest up on the screw head side but will lean to the side since the material is soft and there is no centre spine. There is weight to the toy giving it some heft in your hand.

Applying lube into the penetration hole along with slathering it on my shaft, insertion is tight and pleasurable.  I found unless I am completely erect, insertion took some force initially due to the toys lack of rigidity. Once inside the internal threads feel great as you push in, but even better as you slowly pull out.  Each thread flicks again the backside of the head creating the same sensation as when Mrs. Sexy’s lips run over as she pulls me out of her pursed lips. Withdrawing slowly really took me to the edge quickly. Being designed as a screw led me to explore what sensations would be delivered by twisting the toy on penetration.  Unfortunately, this did not provide any unique or added pleasure.

Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker Review

Though I find the shape silly, the external threads provide useful for providing a secure grip on the Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker, particular for how slick the lube made everything. Bringing me to orgasm, it was a new experience to see the toy fill up with my cum. I have always had a desire to watch this happen inside Mrs. Sexy and this to me gave me that wish.  Pulling out was somewhat unpleasant due to my current state of sensitivity and the previously pleasurable threads. Small price to pay for what it delivered.

Clean-up was very easy.  Using warm water, a drop of soap, and my finger, I easily cleaned out the channel.  With the lube washed off, the tackiness of the toy returned – inviting lint from the towel to stick.  Resting it on the screw head, the internal channel was dry within a few hours. Due to the size of the toy, storage can be difficult since unlike competing brands it does not have a hard case.   I chose to wrap it in an old towel. Pulling it out again for another test run, I was not worried about the lint since this is an external use toy.

Overall the Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker is a welcome addition to my “toys for boys” collection.  The screw pattern proved more pleasure on the out-stroke. The threads on the outside added a necessary grip.  The penetration hole provided the right amount of resistance during entry. The semi-transparent material provides a nice view behind the curtain particularly during ejaculation.  My only gripe is the whole “screw” theme and the lack of hard shell storage case. A hard-shell case would have aided in initial penetration and also storage.

Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker Review

Overall I really enjoyed the toy and it will be staying in my collection, coming out for use more than times than not.

8 out of 10

– Married2Sexy

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy for this review of the Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker.

Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker Review

Also available from Prowler.co.uk

The Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Simply Pleasure. Thank you! 🙂 

Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker Review

Oxballs Screwd Spiralled Penis Stroker Review

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