YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

10 out of 10

YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

By FesureMaybe

The YES WB Organic Water Based Lube is described on the website as “silky, smooth and non-tacky” and you know what I fully have to agree with each of those points!


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YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

The YES WB Organic Water Based Lube bottle comes in a tall cardboard box presented nicely with the same packaging as the lubricant tube. I love the colours on the design and the font is super clear which is handy.

On the box it states all the ingredients in the lubricant and the key points of using this lubricant. The lubricant tube itself is similar and states the ingredients which is great and talks about how natural the product is.

YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

I think the only point I could find wrong with this was design. Being in a tube with a flip lid is great in a sense, making it easier to open at the heat of the moment but with this being such a natural feeling liquid, it isn’t as thick as other lubricants. So, upon opening the tube to put onto my hand not realising how thin it was going to be, I managed to drip a load of it all over the nice undie set I had on and onto my bed. I think if the bottle had been in an upright pump action kind of bottle this would solve this issue and be a complete winner for me.


YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

I thought with the YES WB Organic Water Based Lube being a product that emphasises so much on the ingredients used and how natural the product is I would skim over the ingredients in the lubricant. Looking at the bottle it states that is 96% organic which is a bonus.

More organic more natural in my opinion. In the ingredients it lists that it has Aloe Vera as well which I love because it leaves such a hydrating feeling and feels awesome. The bottle states under the list that Yes products are not made with parabens, glycerine, hormones or known skin irritants which is amazing especially for people with allergies etc. This is also a water based lubricant making it completely usable with condoms with no worries of it causing it to break and also states quite clearly on both sets of packaging that this is not a contraceptive or a spermicide. I personally think this is a very important point to make!


YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

To the YES WB Organic Water Based Lube itself. I tried using this solo first so I could get a feel of it. I put a little on my fingers and it surprised me how smooth it is. Also, I made a point of wiping it off to see how it felt afterwards and found that it left no horrible greasy feeling like lubricants normally do which was amazing because that’s one thing that puts me off using lubricants is the feeling afterwards, really makes you feel grubby.

YES WB Organic Water Based Lube Review

The only way I can describe the lubricant is as if I was using my own natural lubricant and It felt amazing especially as I had been struggling with dryness since an operation. I used it on my partner to get an idea of how far it would go and this surprised me too. When I was performing using my hands on him I just found it consistently kept him wet and making it silky and smooth for me to be able to run my hand up and done, he most certainly enjoyed it and told me after how amazing it felt.


Overall the YES WB Organic Water Based Lube only had one bad point to it which is only a minor thing I just need to make sure I hold the tube the right way up! It’s silky, it’s smooth, it’s non-greasy, no stickiness, it’s organic. It’s a massive YES from me!


– FesureMaybe

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