YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review

7 out of 10

YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review

By Supercutesecret

In June’s round of sex toy tester products, I was very lucky to be selected to review this YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant by Cara Sutra, so thank you as always! I feel like lube is something you can never have enough of, and I don’t believe I have an oil-based lube in my collection already, so this seemed a good opportunity to try something new out…


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YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review

The packaging I can’t fault, apart from the box being a bit bashed, but I am aware that is a transit issue, not something wrong with the product per se. The YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant box goes into wonderful detail about the ingredients, this lubricant’s uses and has all the certifications associated with being organic that you could pretty much want.

There’s even a cute little Thank You message on the opening flaps of the box.

In The Box

I pulled the contents out of the box, which consisted of the bottle of YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant and an instruction booklet, which pretty much said all the same things on the box – there’s a lot of reading and information available about this product haha! Since the booklet also mentions this lube’s water-based counterpart, I assume this comes with both types of lube.

YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review

This bottle contains 40ml of the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant, which I think isn’t a too shabby amount for the price and quality. It comes with a squeeze lid and is super easy to use. From a distance, in fact, even close-up if you don’t look at the wording, this just looks like a moisturiser or cleanser product that you could find in anyone’s drawer.


At its heart, this YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant kind of is a glorified moisturiser – its ingredients are as follows:

Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter)*, Prunus dulcis (Sweet almond oil)*, Cera alba (Bees wax)*, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) seed butter*,Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

I actually googled this list of ingredients to see what other products on the market would pop up and indeed the ingredients list for Beauty Without Cruelty products came up, for which a few of their products including moisturiser, creams and lotions. This is no bad thing, the purpose of moisturiser can be similar to the purpose of lubricants, it is just that this particular blend of oils and butters is gynaecologist recommended.

Official Info

If you would like to know about the ingredients and their certifications in even more detail, YES extensively go over it on their FAQs Ingredients page where you can find their ingredients policy towards all their products, including the omission of parabens, glycerine and silicone oils, with full explanation of why these policies are in place.

YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review

I will be honest, I personally haven’t ever really had a problem with any lubricant, so generally I do not bother scrutinising the ingredients, but the thought and effort behind the creation of these products is obvious when looking through the ingredients policies and is a fascinating read that I would totally recommend you to check out!

First Impressions

Ok, so I thought with all this research about the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant, perhaps I should actually, y’know, test it!

As I said, this is an oil-based product and when I squeezed it out I could pretty much tell this straight away. The first time I squeezed it out, it came out with a bit of a solid blob surrounded by some oil. It wasn’t overly runny, but wasn’t thick either, just an in-between kind of texture. I massaged it into my hand and it moisturised really well. It definitely leaves a slight oily feel but not annoyingly so, more in a silky and hydrated way. It isn’t tacky or sticky and has no scent or taste.

A little of the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant does seem to go a long way, as it spread quite far out on my hand. It feels high-quality, because cheap oil-containing products normally feel overly oily to the point of it feeling a bit gross, but this doesn’t have that.


Obviously I needed to find out what this YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant is like during use. Oil-based lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms and also some non-latex condoms too, depending on the material. The bottle states it is not condom compatible, so it is best to avoid use with condoms of any material.

YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review

During Use With Toys

Since I always use condoms during penetrative sex, my testing was just for solo use with toys.

When squeezed it out onto my toys, the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant started running down very quickly and I had to be speedy to make sure it didn’t spill everywhere.

The lube gave an even coating over the surface of my toys and didn’t appear to soak into the materials too much. For vaginal play this performed solidly! I haven’t had to reapply this lube after the initial squirt and my toys glided easily in and out of me for the entire time during use. With the way this lube soaks into my skin, I do believe it is most effective when going in somewhere that already has a bit of lubrication and then the oil is more of a tool to keep the lubrication present for a long time than starting the glide itself alone.

Since it specifically says in the claims of what the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant can do that it is “safe for silicone toys”, I feel like this might be attempting to be an alternative to silicone-based lubricant, trying to emulate the longevity of that type of lubricant, but of course be compatible with silicone toys, which is where silicone based lube falls down.

YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant Review


The YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant isn’t the thickest lube I must admit, and over time, perhaps with the oils heating up and being squeezed a few times, this lube seems to have gotten runnier and has thinned out slightly from the first time I used it. I don’t really think it’s thick enough for use anally. The texture does mean, however, that you could use it also as a massage oil in a pinch, a use which the product itself claims you can do. I have not tested this option out personally, but I can definitely see it doing a good job.

Oil Based & Water Based Lubes

When I researched this product online, I came across a handy FAQs page about the difference between this oil-based lubricant and its water-based counterpart.

There is a paragraph on this page which I find most interesting, in which they state the best way to get the most out of your products is to use both the water-based and oil-based together for both benefits. Whilst this is a nice idea, and shows thought into their products as a collection as well as individually, the average person probably isn’t going to apply more than one lube at a time.

If that is something you wish to experiment with, by all means try out the two together and be sure to comment below if this was anything special.

In Conclusion

Overall, I love what I’ve seen about the company in my research – the level of detail and solid belief system is wonderful to see and I have huge respect for YES because of that. I can’t fault the quality or packaging of the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant, but due to the incompatibility with condoms and my preference for something just a tad thicker, for me personally this gets a 7/10.

However, I would be very happy to recommend the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant to anyone who prioritises natural, organic or vegetarian-friendly products without skimping on quality.

– Supercutesecret

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Supercutesecret for this review of the YES OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant.


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