UberKinky Medium Ring Gag Review

9 out of 10

UberKinky Medium Ring Gag Review

I have wanted a ring gag for some time so was extremely pleased when the opportunity arose to review this UberKinky Medium Ring Gag. I have ball gags, inflatable gags, penis gags and a hook gag – but no ring gags. This ring style mouth gag from Uber Kinky is the first in my collection of its kind! It was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my fair and honest review here on the blog.

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As always from a professional company like UberKinky, packaging was discreet and delivery extremely quick. At the same time as receiving this ring gag I also received the Anal Hook to review (review coming soon) – lucky me!

Both items are absolutely gorgeous. I have the UberKinky Medium Ring Gag, Large is also available.

Sizes: Medium (41mm), Large (54mm)


This BDSM Ring Gag comes sealed within a transparent plastic bag, with the product name, code and barcode on a label. There is no fancy box or pouch but for me this is absolutely fantastic – minimises waste (I take out bin liners of rubbish and recycling from my room alone every week!) and it’s a ring gag. I mean if you don’t know what to do with it and need instructions, chances are you should be using something else.

UberKinky give a great little description on their product page in any case, if you wanted more details.


The head strap is genuine leather, with a dual D ring fasten design. If you’re not sure what to do with this, it works along the same principle of some belts, ie slip the pointed end through both D rings, then double back through one of them and tighten to the required snug fit.

The ring part of the UberKinky Medium Ring Gag at the front is placed inside you or your submissive partner’s mouth, inside the teeth; that is, behind their teeth not just inside the lips. They will have to bite down on the ring which has the effect of keeping their mouth open for either a visual feast during playtimes or for you to combine other role-play opportunities and equipment. Funnel, anyone?

During Use

This UberKinky Medium Ring Gag fits in my mouth perfectly and comfortably – as comfortably as a ring gag is ever going to feel! I think any larger would not fit in my mouth and would be a step too far. The ring inside is made of steel which is wrapped in leather for a little luxury softness and ‘give’ against your teeth, making it easier to keep in for even a lengthy kink session.

The internal diameter is just wide enough for him to slip his erect penis through, where my tongue played against the head. It gets a bit too tight for a severe throat fucking, but the sensation of having your mouth kept open while a cock is being forced in – well, it’s incredibly addictive, kinky and hot.

UberKinky Medium Ring Gag Review


Be careful if you’re going to play with pouring liquids in, that your partner doesn’t choke. Take it very slowly and compassionately. My next plan with this is to be Shibari rope bondage bound, with nipple clamps on, this ring gag in, a tongue ring vibrator attached and a magic wand strapped against my clit. I think it would be amazing. ~makes plans~

For now it is the ideal way to keep my mouth free for him or her to use as they wish, while still having the gagged, muting effect. Ball gags do get rid of the potential for fun oral opportunities!


Another nice touch is the chrome rivets to the front, either side of the ring which not only have the practical purpose of keeping the head strap in place but they also add a kinky sparkle that contrasts the black leather nicely.

There are cheaper ring gags available on the market but they aren’t such high quality, real leather or have the leather wrapping around the ring gag, which I think is an important feature for long term use and makes the price you pay for this UberKinky Medium Ring Gag worth it.

Barely any packaging, so very eco-friendly. The only thing I would change is I would prefer a buckle fastening rather than the dual D ring closure, but that’s a minor point. I’m not usually the one doing it up! ūüėČ

Buy Yours

I seriously advise you to try the UberKinky Medium Ring Gag out, especially if you haven’t tried an open mouth gag before.

Find this and many other superbly kinky toys over at UberKinky through the links below.

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