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8 out of 10

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review

Review of the TENGA Eggs 6 Pack by Pleasure Panel reviewer EchoReviews

If you have a dick (or have access to a dick that you appreciate and would love to spoil) I have some  great news for you. TENGA eggs exist, and they are fucking fantastic! It’s an odd concept I know but bear with me and let me explain why wrapping your dick in a TPE egg makes for a pretty amazing experience!

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

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First of all these things are seriously COMPACT and super handy for taking away. You can just throw one in your bag and (provided you’ve taken off the branded wrapping) nobody who saw it would have any clue what was inside!

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

Inside the hard egg shaped case is a very flimsy TPE boiled-egg-lookalike. Now normally I’d tell you to run screaming for the hills where TPE is concerned because its porous-as-fuck but there are two reasons why I’m okay with it in this instance. Firstly this item is not internal and so its much less likely for the material to be an issue (not in contact with mucus membranes), secondly I consider this a throwaway item so its porosity is not going to cause any problems till after its been used (at which point, bin it!).

Inside the TPE egg is a piece of plastic tube, a sachet of lube and some instructions. My advice would be to throw the lube away and use whichever lube you regularly do! The egg is super squishy and stretchy and the textures look extreme but feel very subtle to the touch. The material inside the egg does have a tacky damp quality which is a little off putting.

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

The Stepper is one of the odder designs with lots of little ledge-like extrusions sitting in columns inside the egg. Each column of ‘ledges’ alternates in direction from the one before it. I pondered over the design of this egg (sceptically) for some time. “I have no idea what would feel good about this” I said to my partner, casually passing it to him, and he replied with a lazy smile and eager eyes “I do, it looks like it would feel like lots of tiny tongues f-licking your shaft”.

And to our delight, it did.

The toy is completely opaque at first, sitting on the head of his dick like a hard boiled egg, it then becomes translucent as its pulled right down on the shaft. So during a handjob its like playing peek-a-boo with his cock. Which is weird… in a weirdly arousing way. The eggs are perfect for partnered play as you can still feel every twitch and spasm their cock makes through the TPE during handjob.

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

Giving a handjob with a Tenga egg is not the easiest thing, but boy is it rewarding! Keeping the egg pulled down to cover more than just the head whilst still giving a good handjob is a multitask I’m willing to rise too. Especially since it means getting to see the quite amazing reaction my partner has to having his dick wrapped in squishy TPE and gripped firmly by my familiar hand.

We did try to immediately clean the eggs after use, in the hope that we could reuse them at least once. However no matter how quickly and thoroughly the TPE eggs were washed they still smelt like cum, which to me says that they aren’t really clean. I guess you could prolong the use somewhat by not shooting your load into it but for us that would spoil a lot of the fun.

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

Each design seems wackier than the next and every single one felt great. He admits that the textures feel more subtle than they look and whilst he could tell each one felt different he’d have a hard time naming them if I did a blindfolded texture test on him.

Our main issues with the eggs are as follows,

  1. They are porous and therefore only really suitable for one use.
  2. The lube.
  3. We wish they were longer (although we understand that might spoil the ‘egg shape’)
  4. Having to multitask to try and keep the egg stretched out whilst also concentrating on and executing a good handjob is tricky!

So it’s safe to say that the Tenga eggs were a hit with my partner and not a single design flopped! When asked to pick a favourite his response went something like this, “The Silky one! No, the tongue one! Actually, wait a minute… Wavy and Clicker are joint first or maybe Twister because it really complements your hand job technique… oh I don’t know! Can’t I just grow five more dicks and love them all equally?”.

8/10 (Points lost simply because the eco-warrior in me doesn’t like having to throw them away after one use.)

– EchoReviews

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer EchoReviews for this review of the TENGA Eggs 6 Pack. Buy yours from Sextoys.co.uk for just £23.

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

You can also buy TENGA sex toys at Lovehoney USA.

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by TENGA sex toys. Thank you! 🙂 

TENGA Eggs 6 Pack Review TENGA Sex Toy Reviews

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