TENGA Egg Shiny Review

10 out of 10

TENGA Egg Shiny Review

TENGA Egg Shiny review by Scandarella

I have to admit, I absolutely adore the whole concept of TENGA Eggs, and so does my husband. On the outside they’re fun, quirky and very innocuous looking, and anyone who came across one unwittingly would have to get up close and personal with the small print to find out that what they’d discovered wasn’t a hatch your own dinosaur toy, but a male masturbator.


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There are literally dozens of different textures to choose from, each of them having a tell-tale name as to what you can expect, such as, Wavy, Twister, or Lover’s Heart to name but a few. We were given the opportunity to try out the TENGA Egg Shiny.

TENGA Egg Shiny Review

Once the wrapper is removed and the egg cracked, you’re faced with what really does look like a hard-boiled egg at first glance. But that egg is a squishy soft, hollow TPE sleeve, designed to encase the penis and enhance a hand job, whether solo or assisted is up to the user.

TENGA Egg Shiny Review

We flipped the egg out of its shell and popped out the hard plastic inner tube that not only keeps the egg in shape during storage, but also houses a helpful sachet of lube too. On turning it inside out we discovered that the Shiny is much more textured than we’d anticipated. We’d been expecting smooth, shallow lines in a sunburst pattern, but what we got was a few random placed sunbeams and two or three very pronounced sun-shaped lumps, kinda like the toppings on Iced Gems and about the same size too. This was a pleasant surprise, as we’ve had a couple of these Eggs in the past where the texture has been too subtle for my husband to feel it.

No matter what texture you opt for, it’s always a giggle using a Tenga Egg. There’s always that worry that it isn’t going to stretch to accommodate (it will and it does – they’re uber stretchy) and, for me, getting a good handle on it so it stays where I want it while I work my husband into a stupor can be a little tricky if I overdo it with the lube.

TENGA Egg Shiny Review

TENGA Egg Shiny Review

I’m happy to be able to report that the TENGA Egg Shiny was a hit with my husband. He said the sunbeams were pronounced enough to stimulate the head of his penis, and he could really feel the Iced Gem suns themselves on his shaft. I received a particularly positive reaction from him when I rolled the suns over his frenulum and just beneath his coronal ridge. He tells me that even though the outcome feels pretty much the same no matter what type masturbation sleeve we use, it’s always nice to jazz up the journey there, and out of the Eggs we’ve tried, this is one of his favourites.

Though TENGA Eggs are intended as a one use product, if you don’t go buck wild and shred it to death during use, they can last through three to five sessions, which lifts them from the status of (in my husband’s words) a posh wank to a bargain sex toy. Just make sure to give them a thorough, gentle clean and once dried, pop the plastic tube back inside the now flaccid looking sleeve and store in the shell until the next time you fancy a helping hand.

All penises should try a TENGA Egg at least once in their lives, and we can definitely recommend the TENGA Egg Shiny.


– Scandarella

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