System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube Review

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System JO

System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Meitiman

I used to think that the System JO H2O Chocolate Delight lube was the best lube invented. Now, however, I’m not sure that I’ve found a better one, but at the very least an equal. Ironically it is also by System JO. The System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube is a worthy opponent to my usual lube choice.


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First Impressions

The first thing I noticed, right off the bat, was the excellent product design. This bottle of System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube looks sharp. That may seem like a silly observation to some, but I like a product that isn’t afraid to say it’s for sex, but still looks sophisticated. The design gives the product a slightly more premium feel. The bottle is also made from a more firm plastic so it’s still squeezable, but you’re not going to accidentally crush the bottle and send lube flying where you don’t want it. I think System JO nailed it when choosing the materials and design for this series of products. There’s something to be said for getting the little things right after all.


This System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube is water based and good for the body. It is paraben-free as well as propylene glycol free. The listed ingredients are: water, glycerin, potassium sorbate, hydroxyethylcellulose, flavor (aroma), sucralose, sodium chloride, and citric acid. My wife and I didn’t experience any negative reactions for this lube and I believe the ingredients are pretty common for flavored lubes of this nature. Of course, you’ll definitely want to stop using it if you do experience any discomfort or irritation.

Taste & Consistency

But what you really want to know is how well does the System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube work. Let me just say, it is awesome! I cannot stress enough how perfect it is to have your partner’s body taste like your favourite ice cream. This lube tastes and smells like mint chocolate ice cream. Now, I’m not going to be pouring a big bowl of this lube and eating it, but it’s as close to tasting like the real thing as I think you could expect to get from a personal lubricant. It still kind of amazes me that we’re living in a world where my wife can taste and smell like my favourite dessert!

The System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube is clear and non-staining, which is a great combination for bed sheets or wherever you like to play. The consistency isn’t as “thin” as the H2O lubes from Jo and not as thick as a gel. It’s a nice happy medium that will mostly stay in the area you want it, but would run down your finger if you tilt it too much. It’s a nice consistency for most sexual activities, but I prefer something with a thicker consistency for things like anal play.

How It Feels

One of the other great features of this System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube is that it isn’t sticky or tacky after applying it. It absorbs to well that when my wife and I first used it, we both had it on our hands. We made it through the rest of our play time and only then did it dawn on me that I never had to wipe the excess lube off of my hand. It took a few minutes, but eventually the lube just works into your skin leaving your skin smooth, but not tacky. The lube worked perfectly during intercourse. It mixes well with the body’s natural lubrication and stayed slippery enough for what we needed. Given how well it does absorb into the body, though, you may need to reapply or add moisture if you’re someone who has longer sessions of sex.

In Conclusion

It’s safe to say I love this product. System JO just continues to earn my business. They just seem to get all of the little things right with lubes as well as the important things. I was already happy with their H2O product line, but they’ve done it again with the System JO Gelato flavoured lubes. To have a lube that tastes and smells like my favourite dessert, is body-safe, and doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky feels like a small piece of heaven. I will definitely be purchasing more of this System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube when my current lubes run out.


– Meitiman

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Meitiman for this review of the System JO Gelato Mint Chocolate Lube.


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