System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube Review

3 out of 10
System JO

System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer StrapOn_Banana

This month we were delighted that the lovely Cara Sutra sent us some System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube. I always say you can never have to much lube and I was looking forward to testing this one out.


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First Impressions

System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube Review

The labelling of this lube is done in such a way that it’s not screaming and shouting LUBE. It’s stylish and modern and not tacky in any shape or form. The 30ml size makes it a great choice for travel including flights as its well within the 100ml toiletries restrictions.

Removing the lid and the protective cap, the first thing I noticed with the Tiramisu Lube was the smell,. It was almost too overpowering and the Tiramisu scent really hits you. If I’m honest it did put me off a little. Undeterred (and by the way I do like Tiramisu) I tasted the lube on the end of my finger. I found it was very very sweet and I’m sorry to say to sweet for me,

System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube ReviewMy husband reported similar feedback -and he has a sweeter tooth than me!


This Gelato lube (if you enjoy the taste) is ideal for oral sex of all kinds and provides a great foreplay experience leading to full penetration sex. This is where it will definitely aid things if required. This lube is lacking on the anal sex front because 30ml simply isn’t enough. Also, good anal lubes tend to be a much thicker consistency. However, we can’t hold this against the Tiramisu Lube… it’s not an anal lube at the end of the day.


Great size for dirty weekends, Good for flights, Great if you enjoy the taste. However, the taste and smell of the System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube, for us, just didn’t float our boat.


– StrapOn_Banana

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer StrapOn_Banana for this review of the System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube.


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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel.

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