Rocks Off RO-60 Review (& Why I Love Bullet Vibrators)

5 out of 10
Rocks Off

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The Rocks Off RO-60mm bullet vibrator is a promotional item and not part of the standard Rocks Off sex toys collection. I was fortunate enough to get hold of not just one to own for myself, but 50 of such bullet vibrators when Rocks Off kindly supplied them for the BlogSpot at the ETO Show 2015 goody bags. Thanks RO! You’ll notice that a few goody bag receivers and other forum members have kindly reviewed their Rocks Off RO-60mm bullet vibe here at Cara Sutra too. Now it’s my turn.

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I was expecting another RO-80 bullet vibrator, not unsurprisingly due to the shape and operation. The original RO-80 Ammunition for Love bullet vibe is an incredibly popular bullet here in the UK, if not the most popular. It’s still level pegging as my favourite bullet vibrator along with the Tracey Cox Supersex bullet which is also incredibly intense but also rumbly enough to tip me over into orgasm every time. Bullet vibrators are a useful piece of kit; they’re not only small and discreet enough to palm and bash one out in the bathroom, or have stored away behind the sink or in any drawer, but they’re small and light enough to take with you on travels and they don’t take up much room. They’re also generally quite quiet, in case of thin walls/housemates/shy hotel sex. They can be slipped between your bodies during sex, whether missionary, girl on top or doggy – and I find this a much more efficient way of reaching orgasm during sex than using a vibrating cock ring. I can hold it where I want it and maintain the level of vibration I need to reach orgasm.

Most standard bullet vibrators like this RO-60, the RO-80 and the Supersex bullet have a durable plastic housing, which means you can use your preferred sex lubricant with them – water based, hybrid or even silicone.

Bullet vibrators have enjoyed their own evolution since the beginning of my own sex toys discovery about a decade ago. Now, you can enjoy not only single speed bullet vibrators but multi-function types, and even rechargeable bullets and ones made with different materials, from silicone to glass covered and precious metals like gold and silver.

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The Rocks Off RO-60mm bullet vibrator comes in quite deluxe packaging for what it is. There’s the consistent Rocks Off branding, as well as extensive usage details. The bullet is safely stored in the transparent plastic area on the front of the glossy card backing. The card clearly states this is a one speed vibrator and elsewhere on the pack it’s made clear that this is a promotional item but that its value would be $19.99 (approx £12) in other circumstances.

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Removing the bullet from the packet, it was clear that the RO-60mm bullet is another nicely made Rocks Off product, lightweight and with a rubber sealing ring joining the end of the bullet housing to the main shaft portion. This helps keep the sex toy waterproof as long as the end cap is screwed on tightly between replacing batteries. It takes the same N battery that the RO-80 takes. Much easier than horrible watch batteries. Unfortunately it’s much easier to insert and remove from the RO-80, it seems to get stuck in the RO-60. Not sure why.

Sadly, the battery insertion wasn’t the only thing I preferred about the RO-80. I really thought the RO-60 would do it for me but the output of power either isn’t strong enough or isn’t the same type. I find it very difficult to reach orgasm with this bullet, and I have given it a go many times since returning from the 2015 ETO Show with it, to make sure it wasn’t just a case of tiredness, moods or Doxy-overuse (yeah, that can happen). I can just about reach orgasm with the RO-60 but it takes a while and I usually have to go the whole hog and get other sex toys in on the party, meaning this isn’t a bullet vibe I can rely on to help me quickly bash one out in the bathroom between work and other good-girl duties.

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Doesn’t really do it for me, but I appreciate that this is another well made Rocks Off bullet vibrator – and it’s interesting to note that other reviewers have remarked that it’s too powerful for them. One to perhaps avoid if you’re a power Queen, but for a bullet vibrator that general vibrator lovers might enjoy (and that could be used to pleasure his cock and balls too) then RO-60 might be the one for you. In any case it’s pretty moot – you can’t buy this one, so head straight for my fave the RO-80 (only £9.99). There’s even a multi function 7 speed style (£12.99) in case the regular one is too powerful for your needs.

Enjoy getting your Rocks Off!


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