Review: Jack Boot Spanking Paddle from CloneZone

10 out of 10


This Jack Boot Paddle was sent by the team over at CloneZone. It’s the first time I’ve reviewed for this, let’s face it, largely gay oriented sex shop and I was delighted to be approached. It shows a very open, sex and gender positive view! I’m a bisexual woman with a bisexual male partner and I find we can test out most things here, whether for gay, straight, bi, kink, vanilla, sex, masturbation – whatever.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Or in this case, foot. The first product from the mountain of items CloneZone sent me is the Jack Boot Paddle. I have lusted after this paddle for many years – well, just look at it – and I am thrilled to finally own it. There’s not much you can get wrong with a spanking paddle, in my opinion.

The Jack Boot Paddle is just as it says. Looks like the underside of a size 14 boot. It’s a bootprint which feels like it’s made from boot sole rubber, firmly attached to the same shape piece of wood with a handle for easy wielding. The handle is backed on both sides with what feels like a riveted strip of leather, and a reinforced hole through the end and a hanging/wrist loop.

This paddle measures just under 15 inches in overall length, within which the handle measures 5.25 inches. The maximum width of the spanking area of the paddle is 4.5 inches and the thickness of the paddle is just under 0.5 inches.

It gives a solid, widespread thwack and if you hit hard enough you do get some temporary markings of a foot print. Not the entire sole of the boot, as the human body is curved. Paddling is for bottoms and backs of thighs, fleshy areas which won’t be damaged by a good sound (consensual) smacking.

My partner’s not into being paddled, not even for sexual fun antics rather than serious submission, so I have been the lucky victim. I loved having the Jack Boot Paddle used on me and the fact that I know it’s a boot print and can feel the raised areas on my skin just adds to the erotic, kinky experience.

In my opinion everyone who loves their kink need this paddle in their collection. It’s well made, strongly constructed and will last me through many more pleasurable paddling sessions.

Buy your Jack Boot Paddle here at CloneZone for £49.99.

– Cara Sutra

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