NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug Review

10 out of 10

NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug Review

By DivaFoof

I received the NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug as a gift from an online sex shop as part of my most recent order. I thought it was only fair to provide an open and honest review of this in return for the kind gesture.


NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug Review

This anal pleasure product is my first ever butt plug and I got very excited when it was included in my package as I’ve been sat delaying over which one to get and as such she took the decision right out of my hands, I didn’t know where I could start!  I’ve always like butt play but never really invested into it but now was my chance.


My new butt plug came in a white box with a pink bottom, bearing the ‘actual size’ of the product on the outside.  When you turn the box over, you can see through the box to the product itself, I think this is a good feature especially if you were buying it in a shop in person because you’d be able to see it. In this case, it was bought on line but it’s great to see that the picture on the front of the box is a true reflection of the actual product.


The NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug is a fully silicone plug and has a insertable length of 3.5 inches and at its largest is 1.5 inches.  It features an arched t-bar base for comfort and as it’s silicone, it not too difficult to fit your body shape. The plug itself is solid but the t-bar is thinner and as such flexes.

During Use

NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug Review

I used Pjur Power Premium Cream Lubricant to insert the Butt Plug and it went in with ease. I simply dipped the tip of the clean plug into the lube, laid on my side with my legs up, circulated it around the anus and simply popped it inside me, you can slow the process down if you enjoy the insertion part.

This butt plug is extremely pleasurable to use both with toys and by itself. It felt great inside and could wear it walking around too. I’d happily use it during PIV sex. I used my Doxy on the t-bar and the vibrations of the Doxy travelled nicely through the toy, I was able to orgasm with the toy inserted in my bottom and it didn’t pop out or in fact move.


Cleaning wise it’s advised to use anti-bacterial soap and hot water – I also have buzz fresh wipes that I tend to use and it has cleaned up easily and well.

This butt plug is available online for £16.99 which I thought was an okay price for a fully silicone made great product.


Overall, I loved the NS Novelties Inya Spades Medium Purple Butt Plug, it’s simple, it looks nice, it was pleasurable to use and for a first timer, great all-rounder. If you need something smaller or bigger, the Inya Spade comes in assorted sizes and colours.  For me it’s a 10/10.

– DivaFoof



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