Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug – Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Giles English

A hands-free vibrating butt plug is a great idea! It squares the circle of anal – once it’s inserted, you can wipe up, wash your hands, and remain clean… until it’s time to take it out, of course.

For a man in a chastity device, it’s also an intriguing prospect. For solo pleasure… well once it’s in, what can you do? Writhe around sensually playing with other erogenous zones. What an amazing thought!

The remote control can also lend itself to Femdom sessions, especially if you are not allowed to get off – I suspect that’s why Xena, my wife and mistress, picked it out for me to review.

The Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug arrives in a nice, tasteful box that says “secret adventure” (rather than “comedy bum sex”).

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel-1

Take the cellophane off, flip it over and you get a wonderfully sexy but tasteful product description (perhaps I should have paid more attention to the dimensions but we’ll come to that).

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel-2

Inside, the Nexus Ace Large has a professional-looking textured holder. It’s more the kind of thing that a sniper rifle should arrive in!

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel-3

So far so good. Just opening up the packaging feels like an entry into another world of sensuality. Also, if this had arrived as a gift, it would have felt like a gift.

Now on to the device.

With the Nexus Ace Large you get a solid-feeling butt plug in black silicone and a chunky controller. This is a million miles from the cheap plastic and jelly sex toys of the last century.

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel-4

The button seems robust. It only works when you also switch on the vibrator, at which point a little green LED comes on.

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel-5

Handy for finding it in the dark? The switch in the device probably saves the batteries, but it also prevents the vibrator from going off accidentally… e.g. in your overnight bag.

You can control the device from both the remote and the rear button. You get six settings of varying intensity, plus the usual stop-start and “breaking waves”. You switch off by simply holding down the button for a couple of seconds – no need to hop through the various settings.

The vibes feel powerful. The remote works from the other side of the room, and even from the next room!

Pull out the packaging and you get to the manual and recharger.

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel-6

The Nexus Ace Large has a magnetic charger so there’s no potentially unhygienic plug hole in the device. Instead the whole thing is waterproof making it easy to clean. (Can you actually use it underwater? I don’t know, but the manual supplies an email address for queries so you can always ask the manufacturer.)

So I rinsed it, sterilised it, washed it, lubed up then tried to insert it…

And I couldn’t! This, even though I had warmed up using a smaller toy.

I’ve had large butt-plugs before (ones I had to chuck because they were cheap and fell apart), so I felt confident I could get this monster inside me. Evidently my largest butt plug to date was smaller than 50mm, or else I am out of practice.



There was no real pain, the Nexus Ace Large simply slid in as far as it would go and refused to go further. With all the gentle pushing, I triggered the vibrator which was powerful enough to set up a promising reciprocal buzz in my chastity device. I had several attempts, settled into the sensuality of repeated partial insertion then gave up.

I’ll have to revisit the Nexus Ace Large vibrating butt plug when I have had more practice. I’m certainly looking forward to it. The Nexus Ace Large is very much a luxury item and promises a luxurious experience.

So, 10 out of 10 for packaging, concept, engineering, look and feel. However, don’t buy this unless you are sure you can get it in!

– Giles English

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Giles English for this guest review of the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug (£70)

This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation.

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