New Formula System JO Organic Lube & Organic Strawberry Lube Review

8 out of 10
System JO

New Formula System JO Organic Lube & Organic Strawberry Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kali Rose

Review of the New System JO Organic Lube: Wow System JO! You really have redeemed yourself with this new formula USDA certified organic personal lubricant.

I must say I was sceptical when Cara told me System JO Organic Lube had updated their formula… Sorry peeps but after that lumpy mush I reviewed last time I didn’t exactly have high hopes.


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New Formula System JO Organic Lube & Organic Strawberry Lube Review

I was sent two new formula 30ml bottles, one ‘fragrance free’ and the other called ‘strawberry fields’.

So I gave them a go and I have been absolutely delighted!

In the last review I gave it a reasonable 5/10. That was because I loved it’s organic healthiness. It’s paraben free, glycerine free and glycol free, it cares about the environment and doesn’t test on animals while having lots of (and only) lush and healthy ingredients.

All yay!

But I couldn’t get over its really lumpy texture and now I don’t have to. This new one really is silky smooth with great glide. It lasts longer and feels sexy and sensual to use.

New Formula System JO Organic Lube

The texture is great, it’s thick but still runs and spreads well.

The smell and the flavour of the new formula System JO Organic Lube are utterly gorgeous. There is nothing I hate more than a chemical smell. Because of the naturally sweet agave base the “fragrance free” one still has a very powerful sweet scent but it’s obviously natural and not been added for effect. The strawberry one is similar but, funnily enough, with a strawberry twist! I don’t have a favourite yet and I think it will depend on who I am applying it to.

Okay so here is my one bit of beef. I still don’t like the click open caps that they use on the 30ml bottles. Last time I blamed it on the texture but even with this improved formula I still find the plastic bottles a bit tough. It’s not major but I needed to find something, right? I’m looking forward to trying a larger one and hoping there is a pump action option!?

New Formula System JO Organic Lube & Organic Strawberry Lube Review

So in conclusion: great new product! I will happily use it for both my professional and personal life. And I may even keep some spare in the kitchen cupboards should I run out of pancake toppings!

Totally recommend this scrumptious new multipurpose lube (for all of the family!)

Go JO! Go JO! Go JO!

– Kali Rose

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kali Rose for this review of the New Formula System JO Organic Lube & Organic Strawberry Lube.


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