MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube Review

8 out of 10

MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube Review

By Meitiman

The MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube from MEO Provocative Lubes is a silicone-based lube with Aloe and Vitamin E. It’s a great lube for those with sensitive skin and is suitable for use with latex condoms. It is made in Germany and is dermatologically tested.

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The listed ingredients for the MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube are Dimethicone, Dimethicanal, Glycine Soja, Aloe, Barbadensis, and Tocopherol. Now, if you’re like me, those ingredients sound a little scary for something that is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. From the research I could find on them, they are all scientific or alternative names for ingredients like silicone, aloe, vitamin e, etc. That definitely put my mind at ease. The lube is preservative free and has no noticeable taste, odour, or colour. This product worked well with my silicone toys, but I highly recommend testing a small amount on any silicone toy before using it fully with this lube. It’s a good practice when using two different silicone-based products to make sure there are no chemical reactions.

This was my first experience with a silicone-based lube. I typically go for water-based just to be sure that it is compatible with my silicone toys, but I was very happy with this introduction to silicone lubes. The website calls the MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube a thick lube that stays where you put it. I kind of feel like that’s an exaggeration. It is thicker than some, but it easily rolls down my finger if I don’t get it in place soon after dispensing it. It’s not really much different than most other lubes, but I wouldn’t quite say it’s a thick lube that stays where you put it.

MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube Review

I was expecting a more slippery experience right after application, but while the MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube reduces friction, it doesn’t have the immediate slippery feeling that I’ve grown accustomed to with my water-based lubes. I noticed that I needed to get the lube wet (via saliva, water, etc) before it would get really slippery. That makes this product great for shower/bath sex, but you might need to apply moisture for vaginal or anal play. Once it is in use, though, it does last for a long time. I used this for anal play and it worked well for that application. I would have liked it to be a little more slippery, but I never felt what I would call friction. It’s probably a little bit of personal preference honestly. It does wash off with soap and water, but not immediately. Anywhere I applied this lube felt smooth and a little slick for a while afterwards. That could just be the Aloe and Vitamin E moisturising my skin, but it just made me think I didn’t get all of the lube washed off. It wasn’t a bad feeling and I loved how smooth my skin felt the next day, but definitely a different experience from a water-based lube.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience with this silicone-based lube. I can definitely see the MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube being my go-to lube for any type of water sex. If you’re like I was and have never tried one before, I’d definitely recommend this one. The fact that it’s dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin means you’re not likely to have any issue with this lube, either with your toys or your body. Of course, it’s always a good idea to test a little of it first before going crazy with it and discontinue use if you notice any adverse effects from using it.

– Meitiman

Thanks to our reviewer Meitiman for this review of the MEO PlowBoy Silicone Lube.

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