Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring Review

1 out of 10

Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring Review

I received the £2.99 Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring from an online sex shop as part of my Sex Toys For Less Than £5 Challenge. Will this be the sex toy which won me over and costs £5 or less?

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The Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring comes in a foil style, tear top packet which has the Loving Joy sticker slapped on the front. The reverse gives some brief instructions and details.

This cock ring is worn on the penis during sex. It’s placed at the base of the shaft with the motor area designed to sit against a partner’s clitoris during PiV sex. This area houses the mini vibrator which is an integral part of the cock ring, cannot be removed. The vibrations, if left on, last for approximately 30 minutes.

You activate the vibrations by flicking the switch at the side of the motor area. The clitoral stimulating area has a few nodules which are supposed to aid stimulation, acting as ticklers to her most sensitive area during sex.


  • Hygienically sealed
  • Easy to operate
  • Only costs £2.99


  • Vibrations lasted for approximately 5 minutes
  • Weak vibrations
  • Thin ring was uncomfortable to wear
  • Made from porous TPR
  • Easily snapped
  • Not worth bothering with


Although the Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring only costs £2.99, it doesn’t really add anything to sex other than quite a painful band around the base of the penis which, rather than sitting comfortably, twists and embeds itself into the flesh.

The vibrations, while being easy to operate, are a dull monotonous low level buzz rather than anything particularly exciting. They also lasted for all of 5 minutes, not the advertised 30.

That’s assuming you (as the clitoris-owner) get to feel the vibrations at all; the vibrating portion is quite small and you would have to sit, tantric style, with his penis inside you to just benefit from the vibrations. Once the thrusts start, the slight bzzt whenever you make contact just isn’t enough to get you anywhere on Orgasm Street and it’s quite frustrating.

Does it get you off? Not unless you count ‘off their penis’ to put a better quality cock ring on. My advice would be to put your few quid towards a rechargeable silicone cock ring or different style of cock ring from a brand you can rely on.

Also, it snapped in the process of removing it.

As such, I can only rate this Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring 1/10 and hope for a more impressive sex toy next time.

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