Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug Review

9 out of 10

Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug Review

By penny_nrm

I have recently been induced to wear and use the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug. Here’s my review of this newbie-style anal sex toy from the Lovehoney Ignite range.


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The packaging is a primarily pink box containing a picture of the product itself on the front and a promotional description of the product on the rear.

The front of the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug box includes an “open here” instruction on the bottom right hand corner. Fortunately following this instruction does not actually open the box but opens the front cover as if it were a door exposing an inner front cover. This inner cover incorporates a see-through window, roughly the shape of the product through which the product itself is visible.

I use the word “fortunately” because I had earlier ignored this instruction and open the box at the top which eventually proved to be the means of access. Ignoring instructions is a personal trait and whether that has anything to do with gender is debatable.


Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug Review

The boxes contained the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug itself, a neat PU black pull bag in which to carry the product, a USB charger cable and an instruction sheet.

Charging Up

Charging is easy via the included cable and any USB port.


The product is designed to be beginner friendly and sized accordingly. It was no surprise that the plug was fairly straightforward to fit.

I hesitate to use the word “easy”. The anus has a natural urge to reject any plug as it is inserted. I find it is a case of merely applying slightly more pressure to insert the plug than the anus is applying to reject it. The plug will then gradually slide into its home.

I also find it is important to spend a few moments ensuring the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug is fully “home”. Ensure the base of the product is tight against the external surrounds of the anus. If this isn’t done the plug may still be rejected.

This may sound obvious but it is also a good idea to ensure the bowels are emptied before insertion or at least ensure that the likelihood of anything needing to exit in the opposite direction during the period you wish to wear the plug is diminished.



The plug measures 3 inches in overall length, with a maximum circumference of 3.25 inches.


The Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug is operated from a button in the centre of the base itself. The button is close to ½” in diameter and easily located with your finger when the product is worn.

The button will switch on the product and each press will advance the product through the 3 vibration speeds and then through the 17 patterns. Keeping the button continuously pressed at any one time will switch off the plug.

Operating the plug is very easy.

Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug Review

The Plug

It may be a beginner’s plug but this should not and is not reflected in the quality. It appears well made and the silicone was smooth to touch and the plug felt solid.

Vibrations & Patterns

For a beginner’s plug the choice and strength of the vibrations was exceptional.

I am a slave, currently by necessity, long distance, and was wearing and using the plug at the command and behest of my Mistress.

The nature of this situation induces the sense that I, as the slave, am being used and, in some way, broken. The strength and power of the vibrations certainly enhanced that sense.

Some of the patterns of the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug, especially those that included significant and sudden variations had the effect of concentrating the mind onto the plug and its significance.

In my case it represented an unexpectedly intense experience.

My current situation does mean that my review is a little hampered by the fact that my long distance control is maintained with my wearing of a very severe chastity cage (BON 4 Micro), for which my Mistress holds the keys. The cage does temper the pleasure of genital physical arousal so, the extent to which the vibrations may affect such arousal, I am not able to give a fair judgement.


I can highly recommend the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug. It is a quality beginners anal plug with an impressive range of vibrations and patterns that contain a real punch.

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  1. I find the round base of anal plugs to be less comfortable than more narrow Oblong bases.

    Any others have this experience?

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