Vibrators for Newbies: Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

Are you new to sex toys? Wondering how to get started? Vibrating sex toys are extremely popular, and the good news is that if you’re actively looking to start or build on your own sex toy collection, you’ll likely recognise a few types already. Traditional rabbit vibrators, for a start. Classic cylindrical vibrators with a twist base. Maybe you’ve heard about sports massagers becoming better-known for their orgasmic benefits – the famous magic wand vibrator. Today I want to introduce you to some fantastic options when it comes to vibrators for newbies.

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

Solo Stimulation

Perhaps you’d like to spice up your masturbation sessions. Vibrators can add a unique and delicious tingle to sensual solo playtimes, in a way you might not have experienced before.

Before diving head-first into the cyber vibe aisles, it’s helpful to think about where exactly you usually like to be stimulated, so that you can choose the right style of vibrator for you.


Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersFinger and bullet vibrators are small, easily positioned for precision stimulation and usually discreet and quiet during use. They’re a brilliant option when looking for vibrators for newbies. A great starting point if you love clitoral sensations would be the Lovehoney Excite Bullet Vibrator or Finger Vibrator, both with a pocket-friendly price tag and covered with body-safe, non-porous materials.

– Buy the Excite bullet vibe in the USA or the UK
– Buy the Excite finger vibe in the USA or the UK

Did you know: If you can’t reach orgasm with only vaginal penetration, and require clitoral stimulation to climax, you’re not alone! Read my (very) personal perspective in Can’t Achieve Vaginal Orgasms?


For those who love vaginal stimulation, there’s a diverse range of vibrators for you. As well as the classic twist-base cylindrical options, you might like to try a style specially angled to stimulate your G-spot. The Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator is low-priced, easy to use and a fantastic option for g-spotting beginners. Buy yours:

Dual Stim

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersDual Stim vibrators have internal and external ‘arms’ which are specially shaped to deliver vibrating pleasure to the vagina and clitoris at the same time. The best-known type of dual stim vibe is a rabbit vibrator.

Because of the larger size of rabbit vibrators, and the diverse shapes, curves, features and vibrating strength of each one, I strongly recommend you read through some of our rabbit vibrator reviews before making your final decision about the best beginner rabbit vibe for you.

Then take a look through these tingle-tastic first rabbit vibrators:


I thought I hated rabbit vibrators for years just because I’d had the bad luck to start my bunny love journey with styles that were completely wrong for my body. Even now I often prefer to use a vaginal vibrator or dildo with a separate clitoral vibrator like a bullet, so I can be in full control of exactly where and how I’m stimulated.


Don’t overlook nipples as a highly sensitive area of the body receptive to erotic stimulation. Nipple stimulation doesn’t have to be extreme (like clamps/clips), or even vibrating – feather ticklers are delightful. But for vibrations specifically designed to ‘perk’ you up, perhaps try some gently vibrating Nipple Suckers or Nipple Lassos.

Click through to discover a wide selection of stimulating nipple toys:


Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersVaginal and clitoral vibrators have become a celebrated part of an enlightened society, one which is moving towards being fully sex positive, body confident and inclusive. With that in mind, there’s no need for penis stimulating sex toys to evoke any sense of shame or other negative feelings due to stigma. Sex toys are made for everybody and every body – as I mentioned previously, they’re for anatomy rather than gender, relationship status or other.

Don’t miss out on the penis-based pleasures masturbators and strokers can provide. A great place to start, if you’ve never thought of upgrading your hand during solo play before, is the Lovehoney Ignite Mini Penis Masturbator. It’s less than $30, fully waterproof, USB rechargeable, has a travel lock and storage bag, is made with body-safe and non-porous silicone and has a wondrous twenty functions to explore. Fab beginner bonk and bang for your buck.

Buy yours:


Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersThe anal area is often regarded as a forbidden zone when it comes to exploring this territory for sexual pleasure. However, anal play isn’t forbidden at all! Simply make sure you use anal-safe sex toys (they need to have a flared base and be specially designed for anal use), use lubricant to aid glide and stay hygienic by using the toys just for the anal territory then cleaning thoroughly between playtimes.

Top tip: Things in your bottom feel larger than they looked in your hand, so pay close attention to the size of the anal sex toy you’re about to splash your cash on.

A brilliant all-rounder for a first-time butt plug is the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Butt Plug. It’s under $30, made from body-safe silicone, is completely waterproof, has a travel lock and storage bag and is USB rechargeable. On top of all that, this starter butt plug has an exciting 20 vibrating functions to tease your tush into backdoor bliss. The 3-inch length, 3.25-inch circumference is a comfortable starting size for anal adventurers, especially when you add a dash of your favourite lube.

Shop all beginner’s butt plugs:


Did you know: using anal sex toys won’t ‘turn you gay’! Sorry about that. Seriously though, can you believe that some people still think using certain types of sex toys is linked to certain sexualities? Spoiler: nope. If it’s safe and it feels good, what’s stopping you?

Secret Vibes

Daring types will enjoy the kinky factor of enjoying thrilling vibrating sensation in a tantalisingly secret and discreet way. There’s something deliciously naughty and intensely erotic about being intimately stimulated while going about your everyday business –whether you wear a vibrator beneath your clothes just round the house, or are brave enough to head outdoors…

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersFirst up, let’s look at a sex toy which may either vibrate… or oscillate. You can discover the benefits of kegel exercisers in my Big Guide To Jiggle Balls, Love Eggs, Kegel Trainers & Ben Wa Balls. They don’t just provide a sexual and intimate health boost, though; jiggle balls are a comfortable, unintimidating way to wear sex toys beneath your clothes for a secret frisson of sensual excitement.

The Lovehoney Excite Silicone Pleasure Balls weigh just 74g and are made with body-safe, smooth silicone, enabling them to be slipped easily and discreetly into your vagina for blush-inducing hidden stimulation whenever and wherever you desire.

If you would like to add some vibrating excitement to your secret stim sesh, the Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Love Egg is less than $30 and features the benefits we’ve discovered with the other toys in the alluring & value for money Ignite range. This small, smooth love egg is fear-free for beginners, made with smooth non-toxic silicone which is inserted comfortably with a dot of your favourite lube, offers an astounding 20 functions, has an easy-retrieval stem, a travel-lock and is rechargeable via the included USB lead. It’s also fully waterproof. Such a versatile wonder… This love egg can be enjoyed all by yourself wherever you wish – or shared with your partner for sexy foreplay fun.

Click through to buy -and to discover plenty of other lust-inducing love balls and teasing jiggle balls:


If clitoral vibrating stimulation is your desire, rather than internally worn vibrators for hidden sensual pleasure, you need to try a knicker vibrator. Don’t worry, knicker vibrators aren’t vibrating pants which both feel and sound like a jackhammer!

The Lovehoney Stuck On Love Clitoral Heart Knicker Vibrator is a cheap and funky introduction to the fun of hands-free, inside-your-panties stim, while the Lovehoney Hidden Talent 10 Function Rechargeable Knicker Vibrator is an elegant, multi-functional upgrade which is quiet during use, waterproof and USB rechargeable. The vibrating settings start at a barely there, whisper of a vibration so that even true vibrator newbies won’t feel daunted.

My review: Click to read my Lovehoney Hidden Talent Rechargeable Knicker Vibrator review.

Fascinated? Take a look through this thrilling collection of vibrating knickers and panty vibrators:


Shared Pleasure

Double the fun by sharing your newfound love of vibrators with your partner. Vibrating sex toys are made to stimulate anatomy, not created for any specific gender or relationship status after all. I’ve said for many years that sex toys are the seasoning to a sex life, not a replacement, so enjoy spicing up your couple’s sexy fun sessions with a vibrating toy.

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersA famous style of couple’s vibrator is the vibrating cock ring. These vibrating love rings often make it easier to get clitoral stimulation during PiV (penis-in-vagina) sex.

The Lovehoney Excite Rabbit Love Ring is so bright, cute and funky, and offers 10 battery-powered vibrating settings to explore with your lover. Meanwhile, for those who prefer even greater versatility, luxury and rechargeable power, the Lovehoney Ignite Vibrating Love Ring offers a mind-blowing 20 functions. It also has the sublimely smooth silicone outer, travel lock, USB charging, waterproofness and included storage bag which make it worth every penny of its still fab value $30 price tag.

Find these and plenty more exciting vibrating cock rings to spice up couple’s play:


For those looking for something completely different to explore together, the Lovehoney Rechargeable Wearable Couple’s Vibrator (here in the USAhere in the UK) is the epitome of versatile. It may look a little alien, but it’s a friendly one – trust me!

Ten vibrating settings are offered through its silicone covered body, with long arms which can be bent any way you choose to transmit those delicious vibrations however and wherever you desire. Will you enjoy it together as a vibrating love ring? A clitoral vibrator? An internally/externally worn vibrator during sex? It comes with a selection of imaginative uses to get you started, so you can save your creative energy for your unforgettable lovemaking sessions.

Meanwhile, if you’d just like something small and tantalisingly vibrating to slip between your bodies during sex, or which can be enjoyed over erogenous zones whether alone or together with your partner, the Ignite sex toy range delivers once again. The bullet vibrator and finger vibrator in the range have slightly different shapes, but both are easy to use, offer multiple vibrating settings, are USB rechargeable and cost less than $30.

– Buy the Ignite bullet vibe in the USA or the UK
– Buy the Ignite finger vibe in the USA or the UK
– Click to read my Lovehoney Ignite Bullet Vibrator review

I absolutely adore bullet vibrators – my top favourite sex toys constantly include this style of vibe. Find out much more about them in my Big Guide To Bullet Vibrators.

Starter Packs & Vibrator Kits

If you feel spoilt for choice or would just rather buy a ready-made kit of vibrators to explore and enjoy, there are various vibrators for newbies bundles and couple’s vibrator kits just for you. These pre-made ‘sets’ of bedroom toys and accessories are especially alluring as they add a gift-style element which gets the arousal flowing from the moment you receive your discreetly wrapped parcel.

Here are some of the new kits that Lovehoney have put together, which promise hours of sensational shared (or solo!) pleasure:

Lovehoney First Time Fun Vibrator Starter Kit (4-piece)

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

What you get: a classic, cylindrical twist-base vibrator, an angled tip g-spot vibrator, a wired control love egg vibrator and a push-button base bullet vibrator.

Lovehoney Ready, Set, Oh! Couple’s Vibrator Gift Set (5-piece)

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

What you get: The Lovehoney Magic Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Finger Vibrator (worth over $35 on its own), a rechargeable silicone vibrating double love ring, a vanilla massage bar with sensual body massager and some sexy scratch cards to make sure you both really get lucky.

My review: Click to read my Lovehoney Magic Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Finger Vibrator review.

Lovehoney Sexy Staycation Couple’s Vibrator Gift Set (5-piece)

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

What you get: A rechargeable silicone g-spot vibrator, rainbow 10-function push-button base bullet vibrator, vibrating penis stroker, orgasm balm and oral sex dice.

Lovehoney Pleasure Quest Couple’s Vibrator Gift Set (5-piece)

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

What you get: A rechargeable silicone rabbit vibrator, silicone rabbit vibrating love ring with removable bullet vibrator, Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers 52 Weeks of Adventures card game, satin blindfold and a zip-up lockable storage bag.

My review: Click to read my full Lovehoney Pleasure Quest Couple’s Vibrator Gift Set review.

Lovehoney Up All Night Couple’s Vibrator Gift Set (5-piece) £49.99

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

What you get: The new-style Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator in special edition black (worth over $65 by itself), silicone jiggle balls, beginner’s silicone butt plug, satin restraints and Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty Playing Cards.

My review: You can enjoy my Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator review, where I reveal how much I absolutely love it. Mine is the standard ‘Desire purple’ colour rather than the special edition black in the gift set above.

Buy Your Sex Toy Gift Sets:

Click through the buttons below to browse all these exciting vibrators for newbies kits and sex toy bundles at Lovehoney:


Other Ways To Gift Vibrators For Newbies

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

There’s no gift quite as intimately personal as a vibrator. The added raunch factor sets this style of present apart from all others, whether you’re gifting vibrators to your lucky lover, or treating yourself to a new type of sex toy.

Because a vibrator is such a personal and intimate gift, even though it’s likely for someone you know incredibly well, choosing the right one can feel impossible. Let’s face it, it’s hard enough buying lingerie or underwear for a partner! There are ways you can introduce the pleasure of vibrators to someone’s love life without having to make that final tricky decision yourself, though.

Gift Cards

I know giving gift vouchers often feels like a bit of a cop-out – but for gifting sex toys, they’re a brilliant solution. It’s like pre-paying for your lover to get the type of orgasms which are perfect for them.

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

Buying the gift card is easy as well – just click through the buttons below, choose the amount you’d like to spend, and the gift card will be emailed to your lucky recipient.

Wishlist Shopping

Lovehoney have also offered a wishlist shopping service for many years, and I’ve received gifts from my own list there several times before. Adding the vibrators of your choice to a wishlist, that you then share with someone who wants to gift you orgasmic pleasure, means you’re guaranteed to receive the sexy items you really want. Perfect when shopping for vibrators for newbies – whether for yourself or an adventurous partner.

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

In a similar way to an Amazon wishlist, you don’t even have to share your address with the person gifting you sex toys when you use the Lovehoney wishlist shopping service.

  1. Join as a member of the website (which is easy and free, & without any further obligation), make sure you’ve completed the personal details area of your profile (completely confidential and hidden from public view), create a wishlist and add your dream sex toys and lingerie to it. You can even have several, themed lists!

2. Share with your ‘gifter’ and they can choose what to buy you. Lovehoney doesn’t share your address details with them, but sends you the gifts in their usual discreet outer packaging to your address held on file.

Need some inspiration to get your wishlist started? I have a particular soft spot for the Lovehoney Desire sex toys collection (here in the UK). These luxurious sex toys in Lovehoney’s signature purple not only look sumptuous, they’re rechargeable, come with cute storage and are genuinely effective during use.

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete Beginners

Beginner’s Guides To Vibrators

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersIf you’d like more in-depth information about vibrators for newbies, I’ve written a series of informative articles. My beginner’s guides to vibrators include bullet vibrators, magic wands, butt plugs, jiggle balls, spanking and bondage toys and lots more. You can find them all in my sex toy guides area.

Take some time to educate yourself about the different materials used to make vibrators, too. Check out my guide to sex toy materials – and ensure you keep you and your vibrators in great shape by learning how to clean your sex toys properly between playtimes.

Vibrator Reviews

Vibrators for Newbies and Vibrating Sex Toys for Complete BeginnersFor a personal look at how specific vibrating sex toys work, and their effectiveness, you might like to check out my vibrator reviews.

Reviews of vibrating sex toys number 600+ (at the time of writing) here at the Cara Sutra sex blog, completed by both myself and members of my reviewing community. Browse the whole lot, or locate reviews for specific types of vibrators through the main menu options. Or use the search button if you’re looking for a review of one particular sex toy.

I’ll be reviewing some of the vibrators featured in this post very soon, so check back regularly for updates!

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