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10 out of 10

LELO SONA Cruise Review

By GayonTuesdays

Truthfully, I was worried about receiving this toy because of my VCH piercing I am sceptical around any of these clit sucking or fully encasing clit stims. However, I will try anything so I anxiously awaited for my package to reach me. My LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator came in under a week; I had received the beautiful Cerise which is a deep pink. The toy itself comes in two other colors, a baby pink and black.


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LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator ReviewThe story behind the LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator is that it uses SONAR waves to stimulate the whole clitoris. Now, there’s the LELO SONA and the SONA Cruise, the main difference being the performance. The Cruise offers a a smart technology that ensures when you need it most the Cruise will deliver its full performance power when pressed harder against the body.

I happened upon a LELO Rep at an adult industry conference, and she gave me a heads up: “use lots of lube”. I finally mustered up the courage to give it a whirl. The user manual suggests taking this toy in the tub, but alas I am too tall for mine so I’ll have to settle for a similar angle on the couch.

The toy itself is rechargeable, and a combination of silicone and ABS plastic ensuring it is totally nonporous and body safe. When considering sex toys you should very obviously seek the pleasurable but safe one. Per instructions the charging should take two hours but I felt mine finished much sooner. As well the toy should hold its charge for an hour which seems short but when you really get your hands on this thing it’s really not!

In terms of shape and feel, the LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator has a curvature that is very easy to handle and comfortable. While the stylish gold back to give this toy some gleam, which is metaphoric to my mood after trail one. Functionally it has eight different patterns, which typically I am not one for patterns, but the sheer power of this toy put me in my place. I would describe this toy to have a rumbly vibration and quiet when you have totally cupped whatever part of your anatomy you’re trying to. To turn on you press the plus (+) which introduces you to the first setting:

  1. LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator ReviewA low constant vibration that can be intensified
  2. An intense rumbling-blinking pattern
  3. The following pattern speeds up to shorter blinks
  4. Still blinking but even faster
  5. Exponential revving
  6. Wavy revving, similar to ocean waves
  7. Revving, but in a spiral, meaning the most power is in the middle of the pattern itself.
  8. The final I would only describe as a combination of all these above or some kind of musical number; it seems to be a rumbling revving with hints of spirals and blinks throughout.

To turn the toy itself off you hold the minus (-) and to change functions you press the two parenthesis (( )).

In use

I sprawled out on my couch, propping my back with a pillow and throwing my leg over the side of my couch as I would if I had a better bathtub. I applied lots of water-based lube, then went searching for my clit. I had previously given myself some kind of stimulation to ensure my clit was flared and ready, but it did not make a difference my first time. I guide SONA, pushing my piercing up or over without any result. Initially it is too intense to keep in pattern one, the basic low vibrating pattern. I found the blinking very pleasurable to get me started but then utilized pattern five, the revving to get off.

Suddenly, something was happening, it was like the tiniest hint of stimulation but not from my external clitoris, but from the the portions unexposed. I pushed on, curious to the sensation while trying to enjoy the toy without taking tons of mental notes or questioning its ability. Amidst my mental struggle that dull sensation intensified, it’s very surreal, the build up from this toy, it’s like a phantom orgasm.

I am growing closer and closer with minimal work, typically I am a power queen and need different directions, hard, and constant stimulation or all momentum is lost and once that happens I’m so pissed I do not want to keep going. However, I found myself getting shaky and trying to slow my breath to keep holding SONA in place. This orgasm really built up and beyond that felt longer than most. My mind even went numb, which I only experience with partners.

Afterwards I was left glowing and giggly, I was in such disbelief and immediately went for a second orgasm after posting a raving “review” on my snap story for all my friends to see and envy.

Afterwards I did not experience my typical drop in interest as I usually do, usually when I masturbate I tell myself this is going to be a fuckfest, have an orgasm then call it a day. Not with the LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, I HAD to give it another shot and in less than a minute another super happy orgasm! Since my first use I cannot stop thinking about it. Even having it by me while writing is so tempting, I swear I look at this thing and get wet.


The LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator is very simple to clean, typical water and some sort of mild soap or toy cleaner. The most difficult portion falls with the nozzle, however it is not very difficult to clean the inside, I use the corner of a fresh towel then when all clean tuck my new found love in their satin bag. The purpose of these bags is to ensure a dust free, fresh, and always clean product for its owner so definitely utilize it.


I would say this toy was surprisingly successful, just remember:

❖ Apply lots of lube

❖ If at first you do not succeed be patient and explore some more

❖ Start slow

❖ Try the patterns

I would definitely recommend the LELO SONA Cruise Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator. It is friendly to the VCH which is an exciting find. In closing I would like to just solidify that all my reviews are based off my experience, and my words are only a suggestion. We all have different needs, wants, bodies, and desires so take everything objectively and seek the best toy for you!

– GayonTuesdays

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer GayonTuesdays for this review of the LELO SONA Cruise.

You can buy yours through the following links with fast postage & discreet packaging.


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10 out of 10
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  1. I tell my customers that if I was only allowed to own one toy, the Sona would be it. It is that good. The first couple of times were awkward as I was used to my Satisfyer and needing to put my clit into the head of the toy, whereas (a small tip if others are finding they aren’t getting the right sort of sensation) I find the Sona works better if it just sits on top of my clit.
    And like you, I often find myself longing for the orgasm that my Sona give me 😉

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