Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker Review

8 out of 10

Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker Review

By Leila_K

The Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker was sent to me to test and review for Cara Sutra’s sex blog. Thanks Cara!


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The Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker is packaged in a stylish black box, the front features a photo of the porn star Rocco Siffredi. On the back of the box there is a product photo and a description. Inside the box, you receive your Stroker safely held in place with two plastic shaped moulds. Also supplied is a handy guide on how to remove and clean your Stroker, along with a user manual and a leaflet promoting the new Satisfyer product range. There are seven different sleeves available to buy, all with interesting names for your new Satisfyer Masturbator.

First impressions

Upon removal, I realised the Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker is a heavy sex toy. I like the modern and sporty design. It looks discreet, in fact, if someone found it by accident they probably wouldn’t know what it was.


The Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker is made from a silicone outer case, and the inner sleeve is made from Cyberskin. This feels so soft and squishy, and mimics real skin sensations. It is also temperature responsive, you can heat it up in some warm water for a more ‘realistic’ experience.

Customisable Experience

The Satisfyer Masturbator features squeezable side panels, you pump these during use allowing pressure control as you stroke, this makes everything tighter. The base of the stroker has a twist dial this allows you to release the pressure, for a less narrow sleeve. To finish off the toy, it has a discreet click top to keep it safely and hygienically sealed. This is a large toy, the overall length is 10”, although its heavy, it feels comfortable to hold.

Soft & Inviting

The Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker has a soft squishy inviting opening, leading to a long textured canal. I couldn’t resist putting my finger inside to see what it felt like. It felt amazing, and at that moment I wished I had a penis to test it out. But it was my OH who was the lucky tester this time!

Testing Time

Before use I gave the Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker a wash out. I definitely recommend using lots of water based lube with this toy, to avoid any friction and to make the sensations feel more pleasurable. I did wonder if the weight of the Satisfyer Masturbator would affect the performance. My OH’s  penis slipped inside the opening easily, sliding it up and down his shaft was such a turn on and it was so easy to use. He said the soft textured canal felt amazing, almost like the real thing.

I squeezed the sides of the Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker to adjust the pressure, but my OH couldn’t feel much difference, he didn’t mind because having tried male strokers before they have always been too tight and leave his penis feeling sensitive. He said this one was perfect as it was, and didn’t want me to stop, usually he would get me to stop because of the sensitivity. The Satisfyer Masturbator certainly delivers, as my OH was completely Satisfied at the end of our session.


The inside of the Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker can be removed for easy cleaning. I recommend giving it a thorough rinse under the tap with warm water, then using some sex toy cleaner, then rinse it again. It’s getting it dried inside that can be tricky. I air dried mine overnight in my drying cupboard, but it was still damp inside. I then used some kitchen towel to make sure it was completely dry, then dusted it down inside and out with some cornflower. I did find it difficult to get back into the case, but my OH somehow managed to get it back in.

Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker Review


Overall, the Satisfyer Masturbator is fantastic, it looks fab, its great quality, and performs really well. My OH and I enjoyed our experience with this Stroker, it’s perfect for couples play or solo play. I think if you are using it for a prolonged time it could possibly cause wrist ache, but I’m sure it won’t take long to get Satisfied with this toy!

I highly recommend the Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker to men new to sex toys, or experienced users alike.

Rating 8/10

– Leila_K

Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker Review

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Thanks to our reviewer Leila_K for this review of the Satisfyer Men Penis Stroker.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. 

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