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Easter Monday is usually a day of relaxation and possibly regrets about how much chocolate has been consumed in a mere couple of days. Although there was a touch of the latter, I certainly didn’t have a relaxing morning last Monday – it was really quite exciting. I was on my way to London to meet up with Hot Octopuss, makers of the award winning Pulse sex toy, in order to form part of a consultation group for ongoing product development.

Staying at a hotel on Monday afternoon and night in the nearby Elstree area was heavenly, not least because of the sumptuous Laura Ashley Manor Hotel that my driver had selected for us to stay at. It really is a gorgeous hotel, set in plenty of well-tended woodland and with a rural charm which makes it seem even more of a treasure, being so close to London.

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You can read more about my adventures at the hotel at my Mistress blog. Warning: intense BDSM/ FemDom themes and session photographs.

Back to work. Well I say work, but waking refreshed and revitalised on Tuesday morning ready for the meeting at 2pm, I just felt excited and was looking forward to catching up with the team.  As requested, I’d brought a collection of my most favourite sex toys with me for examination. It’s interesting to note that at the meet there were at least a couple of Doxy Massagers (read my review) and a couple of LELO Ina Wave vibrators.

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My other personal favourite, the iGino One, caused quite a stir. It’s not a product that can be bought in the UK yet, which is a real shame in my opinion. It’s not perfect by any means (not waterproof, quite loud) but it does the job for me. I’d brought a LELO Ora (original version) as an example of a sex toy which really doesn’t work for me at all and really quite annoyed me, whereas another member of the group brought their LELO Ora (newest vesion) because they love it. Just goes to show that everyone’s different and sex toy experience doesn’t change our diversity.

The other members of the team were the breathtakingly talented Girl On The Net and the wonderful Nicci Talbot of Rude Magazine. We met at 2pm at Hot Octopuss HQ which was a top floor open plan pad which allowed the unseasonable but welcome sunshine to stream through the many windows, adding another happy glow to proceedings. Adam and Jules of Hot Octopuss were fantastic, welcoming and so enthusiastic, and it was lovely to see Alyson Fixter again too. Aly had arranged the meeting and she works as the Hot Octopuss PR and Social Media Queen. After drinks and snacks we got down to work discussing the merits and fail factors of many different types of sex toys.

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The plans are made even more thrilling by the fact that Pulse is moving into the development of women’s sex toys, as you can probably guess from the all-female choice of consulting panel. I can’t give away any details of the styles, features or names but I can say that I am *very* excited about watching the final plans move ahead and become reality.

hot-octopuss-awardsHot Octopuss is an incredibly forward thinking sex toy company and this is reflected by the awards they’ve won and the loyal fan base they’ve acquired not only for their male and couples products, the Pulse, but also across social media platforms. It was fascinating to hear how Pulse had transformed the life of a man who had previously resigned himself to a life without sexual pleasure, due to physical disability. We spent some time talking as a group about the issues surrounding sex and disability, which is a subject not often touched upon by the adult industry. Whether this is because those with disabilities are forgotten about or deliberately ignored/left out I’m not sure – but less physically able people have just as much right to sexual pleasure as anybody else. Why shouldn’t disabled people enjoy sex and masturbation? This is what Hot Octopuss thought too, as can be seen from their widespread #sexnotstigma campaign.

I would like to say a wholehearted thank you to the Hot Octopuss crew for inviting me along as part of their consulting panel and wish them the best of luck with the final plans for new product development. It was an honour to be called upon for my advice, as a veteran of the adult industry and sex toy expert.

Watch this space for details of the new products from Hot Octopuss as soon as they’re released.


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