Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment Review

9 out of 10

Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment Review

Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment review by Joanne’s Reviews

I really enjoyed reviewing the Doxy Number 3, being smaller and lighter than its heavyweight predecessors I find it so much easier to use. One of the fantastic features about the Doxy Number 3 is that you can change the heads on it and you now have another four attachments to choose from.


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Two being orientated to vagina owners (Clitoral Stimulator and Rabbit with Clitoral stimulator) and two for penis owners (Masturbator Sleeve and this the Prostate Massager).

These additional attachments are made by Nexus, a prolific manufacturer or prostate pleasure products -so they know what they are doing.

Now being a female sex toy reviewer, I don’t have a prostate, but luckily, I do have a Stunt Cock who helps me review male orientated sex toys. Before I let him try the Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment though, I just had to try it myself vaginally to see what effect it would have on a G-spot owner. Purely in the name of science of course (wink).

Once I had unscrewed the original head from my Doxy Number 3 and put it to one side, fitting the new head was straight forward.

The new attachments from Nexus are all made from body-safe silicone, this means that they are all hypo-allergenic as well as being phthalate and latex free. It also means the surface is non-porous and so they are easy to clean with soapy water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

The blend of silicone is really nice, it has a little squish to it, and you can bend it, so it isn’t rigid. This makes it comfortable to insert and use.

I must say that once I had screwed the Prostate massager onto the end of the Doxy Number 3, it completely changed the look of the toy and in my opinion, it looks fantastic. I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

After lubing myself and the massager up with some quality water-based lube (Sliquid H2O), I inserted it into my vagina and switched the Doxy on.

The bulbous shaft of the Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment feels great when thrusting it in and out. These contours are designed for maximum prostate stimulation, but they also make for a nice change in diameter when thrusting with it.

To say that I enjoyed myself would be the understatement of the century. It felt incredible, delivering the rumbly thumping vibrations directly onto my G-spot and I was soon clawing at the sheets with my spare hand. The little nodules that are designed to stimulate a guy’s perineum also stimulate the clitoris very well indeed.

I took great delight in enjoying a number of orgasms using the Doxy P-Spot Attachment on myself before cleaning it up and handing it over to my Stunt Cock.

Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment Review

Now my Stunt Cock doesn’t go for much bum fun, and as such he is pretty tight back there. All praise the lube god though as after a nice slow fingering to get lots of lube into him I slid it home.

His first comment was just how nice it felt deep inside him… after switching it on he went very quiet. At first, I thought he wasn’t enjoying it, but as his cock hardened and started to twitch, I knew this wasn’t the case. I was eventually rewarded with the sight of a massive eruption of cum from his hard cock, and I never get tired of that sight.

He has used the Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment many times since I used it on him, and his only negative comment was merely that it is fiddly to use the controls when using it on your own. They are tricky to reach as they are on the lower half of the Doxy Number 3 which is pointed away from you in use. I found it quite easy to control when using it vaginally as the buttons were in reach. He could reach the buttons, but it was fiddly.

That was his only negative comment. He loved how the vibrations from the Doxy Number 3 felt, while so deep inside his ass. He also found that moving it slightly and wriggling it around helped prevent it from getting too much in one spot. The pattern vibrations really did it for him though, and each play session ended with a delightful cum fountain.

Cleaning it was easy and after washing thoroughly and cleaning with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner, there was no nasty smell on the massager which is a bonus.

This attachment, while marketed at prostate owners, can be a lot of fun for a vagina owner too, so it makes a good couple’s sex toy. I suggest covering it with a condom if using it vaginally after anal use, as no matter how thorough your cleaning regime is there is no point in risking an infection in your vagina.

Reviewing this attachment has got me curious about the others now, and the idea of the clitoral stimulating one has me damp just thinking about how good that could feel.

Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment Review

I have no hesitation in giving the Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment a strong recommendation to prostate owners -and also couples too, as it is so much fun vaginally as well.

Grab one for just £35 from Nexus.

Rating: 9/10

– Joanne’s Reviews

Doxy 3 Prostate Massager Attachment Review

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