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Night Shift by Joanna Angel, An Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Review |...

10 out of 10
Definitely worth the read, weather you can read it cover to cover (to cover to cover...) in one sitting or you enjoy it a few pages at a time during your stolen moments. If you are looking for a fun and sexy read, I can definitely recommend Night Shift by Joanna Angel!

Fifty Shades Freed I Want You Now Steel Love Ring Review

3 out of 10
The Fifty Shades Freed I Want You Now Steel Love Ring looks gorgeous; I was actually pretty smitten with it when it first arrived. I thought it looked like an over-sized wedding ring for a giant and their giant lover. I had moments where I wished it was big enough to wear as a fancy-ass bracelet that was also heavy enough to double as a blunt force weapon of some sort.

Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator Review | Pleasure Panel

5 out of 10
...when I heard Lovehoney was launching a collection of Broad City themed sex toys I was just a little bit excited (okay, more than just a little bit). I knew I needed to get my hands (vagina?) on at least one. Luckily for me my wish was granted when I was sent the Broad City Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator through Cara Sutra's Pleasure Panel!

NS Novelties Filly Tails Silicone Pony Tail Butt Plug Review | Pleasure Panel

8 out of 10
Let me just get this out of the way first: I AM OBSESSED WITH TAIL PLUGS. There, I've said it... I'm obsessed, I really am. I am literally hoarding tail plugs in a storage bin under my bed. I don't care what kind of tail, foxes, bunnies, ponies... heck if you slap a lizard's tail on a plug I'll wear it. ... OMG... a dinosaur tail plug! Could you even imagine?! Alright... I need that.

Happy Valley Joe Rock Butt Plug Review | Pleasure Panel

4 out of 10
We can all remember our first butt plugs can't we? I know I sure do, it was the Happy Valley Joe Rock Butt Plug. A bright red hunk of silicone that I shyly purchased from one of my favorite local retailers - The Smitten Kitten.