ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager Review

8 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone

ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager Review

By Strapon_Banana

So this month we were delighted, excited but also a tiny bit nervous to review the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager sold by MEO. We have loved wands for a long time, starting out over 8 years ago with the original Hitachi wand. These days things have come on a long way with big names such as Doxy, LELO, and Lovehoney all making fantastic wand vibrators. If you’re like me they are always the sex toy you grab when you want a guaranteed orgasm or two.

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In addition to their MEO Power Massager Vibrating Wand MEO team have produced something a little different with the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager. This is the first wand vibrator I have come across with e-stim (although research shows there are some others out there) and I was very excited to have a play.

The ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager comes in nice, simple, non-wasteful packaging with no ridiculous pornographic images. The instructions on the back state that using e-stim gel will increase effectiveness MEO have this covered with their ESHOCK electrode gel for electro sex.

E-stim Only

ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager Review-1

The e-stim from the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager works when the 2 rings that are visible on the silicone head both make contact with the skin at the same time. It is advised that a film of the gel is put around the wand and more gel on whatever body part it’s destined for.

The electricity has a scale of 1 to 5. Being a little nervous I went for number one to start with and cautiously positioned the ZackZack electro massager over my clit like I would with any other wand vibrator. Unfortunately, to be honest, I couldn’t really feel anything ‘shocking’. I was kind of laid thinking can I feel it?  Is that the e-stim or am I imagining it?  I turned the e-stim up to level 3 and – ooooh yes I could definitely feel it then. It wasn’t the sensation I had imagined, it was quite a pleasant tingling feeling. It really got me excited for an orgasm.

ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager Review-4

I don’t think the electric alone would ever give me an orgasm but it certainly got me in the mood for more. I upped the volume to max and now I could really feel it. On full power the pleasure element had gone for me, so I quickly come down to number 3. Doing this also gave me an idea for a different kind of play…

I thought the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager would act as a fantastic means of fun torture. So with my playful Mistress head on and my husband tied spread-eagled I had great fun shocking his balls repeatedly. It must be my little sadistic side as I gained great pleasure from watching him squirm and his cock twitch as his balls were shocked. It really turned me on to have that power over him in this way. It’s a similar satisfaction I get from tickling him whilst in a compromising position.

In summary: we loved the e-stim element of the ZackZack Electro Massager very much and will continue to use it during our bedroom activities.

Vibrating Head & E-stim

The vibrating head on the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager is made from beautiful silicone. Sizewise the head is similar to most other wands measuring in at 6cm diameter (as a comparison, the head of the Doxy is 7cm).

ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager Review-5

3 AAA batteries power the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager. For me, this is the main drawback of the wand vibrator. I’m not saying it should be mains powered like many wands are (as it is nice to go cordless) but for me a sex toy with this price tag should have batteries built in with USB charging. If it also had some kind of docking station it would make it extra awesome.

The power: feeling slightly negative about the battery situation I wasn’t overly optimistic about how powerful the vibrations would be, given the power source. However, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

The vibration levels are staggered well, and are actually quite powerful. Don’t expect mains powered vibration levels here but expect better than most Rampant Rabbit intensities.

Earlier in this review I mentioned that using the e-stim alone got me very excited but it was never going to get me to orgasm. However throw a good measure of the vibrations in and I found I was cumming very quickly indeed – and to my partner’s delight I was cumming over and over again. I think the e-stim aspect really got me in the mood!


July 2016-41

To conclude: the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager is a great wand vibrator and a treasured addition to our collection. The final score is only marked down slightly due to my gripe over the choice of power supply.


– Strapon_Banana

Thanks to our reviewer Strapon_Banana for this review of the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating E-stim Wand Massager .

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. This review contains affiliate links.


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