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Wicked Hybrid Lube Review

Wicked Hybrid Lube review by Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess

I usually opt for water based lubes as these are safe to use with all sex toy materials. Plus, normally don’t stain. However they tend to be runnier and less cushioning than silicone lubes. Silicone lubes on the other hand are much longer lasting and usually have less ingredients that are likely to cause adverse reactions… but aren’t suitable for use with silicone toys. And they can be messy.

Wicked claim their Wicked Hybrid Lube is the “best of both worlds” so having never used a hybrid lube before I was excited to review it for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel.


Wicked Hybrid Lube is a blend of water based and silicone lubes with extracts of olive leaf and seaweed.

The Wicked Hybrid Lube is free from parabens and has no added fragrances. It also claims to be glycerin free but the ingredients list includes Ethylhexylglycerin. I contacted Wicked Sensual Care directly about this, one of their directors Carrie was kind enough to send this explaination:

“Ethylhexylglycerin is not a glycerin the way that you think of glycerin in product. It is actually a glyceryl ether and is used as a preservative to replace parabens in the formulation of WSC Hybrid.

Ethylhexylglycerin = glyceryl ether

Glycerin, the way most people in our industry associate it, is used in the body of the formula for ‘slip’. The WSC hybrid uses silicone & seaweed ( Brown algae) to provide the slip/glide we are looking for.

Glycerin = glycerol

Chemically, they are completely different ingredients.”

I’m definitely not an expert or a chemist, but Carrie’s explaination does reassure me.

A quick Google search has shown that Ethylhexylglycerin is a common ingredient in many lubes especially hybrid and anal ones including brands such as System Jo and Swiss Navy.

Wicked Sensual’s website also confirms that any glycerin they do use at Wicked Sensual is plant-based, vegan and PETA-compliant but as I’m susceptible to UTI’s this alone wouldn’t normally win me around to a glycerin containing lube.

During Use

Wicked Hybrid Lube is much thicker than normal water based lubes. It’s almost gel like when pumped but covers like a water based lube.
I used the hybrid with my D2 stone dildo and found it long lasting through vigorous masturbating, I didn’t have to reapply it even after squirting!

The Wicked Hybrid Lube smells really neutral but taste wise it’s really unpleasant, not chemically but I can’t quite work out why? I won’t be using it for oral any time soon but Wicked Sensual do have a huge range of flavoured lubes which are probably more suitable anyway.

This Wicked Hybrid Lube is suitable for use with all toys but as it contains silicone I patch tested it before using with my silicone dildos as some silicone lubes can degrade the surface. I left a blob on the base of one overnight, this washed off easily the next morning leaving no residue and there was no sight of any damage to my toy.


Wicked Hybrid Lube Review

Wicked’s product range is extensive, options include loads of different flavours, cooling or warming sensations, anal specific, water-based and silicone as well as the hybrid so there really is something for everyone.

Ethylhexylglycerin isn’t an ingredient I’m familiar with, if you haven’t tried it before and you have particularly sensitive skin you may wish to avoid Wicked Hybrid Lube. A few articles I read mentioned possible contact dermatitis from prolonged use but luckily it’s not something I experienced with this lube.

I had no sensitivity issues, Wicked Hybrid Lube was long lasting and felt great in use but I wasn’t keen on the taste or smell.


– Just Jess

Where To Buy Wicked Hybrid Lube

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess for this review of the Wicked Hybrid Lube. You can find out more information here at wickedsensualcare.com. I’ve found it for sale here for $8.95.

The Wicked Hybrid Lube was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Wicked Sensual Care. Thank you! 🙂

Wicked Hybrid Lube Review

Wicked Hybrid Lube Review

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