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8 out of 10

Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch

Flavoured lubes can be a great way to enhance oral play. When Cara offered, Pleasure Panel the chance to review some Wicked Aqua flavoured lubes I was quick to offer to try the Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube. I love cherry flavour anything and have a terrible sweet tooth.

First Impressions

The little Wicked Aqua bottle is very attractive to me. Black and glossy it doesn’t scream lube at you when you see it. The metallic writing is subtle and I had the bottle on my coffee table for days with the kids wandering around and nobody batted an eyelid.

My bottle of Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube was 60ml, which is plenty for a flavoured lube. The bottle is pump action and this helps dispense the right amount with minimum waste. The lube itself is clear and very thin and silky, it trickles down my skin on application.

Upon application, apart from how thin it is I notice the smell. It’s a strong smell, not particularly like Cherry Cordial, which I imagined to be very fruity, but very reminiscent of Cherry Liqueurs. There is a definite alcoholic scent to the Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube. This isn’t unpleasant at all but is unexpected.


Checking the ingredients on the back of the bottle I’m extremely happy to see a list of features about Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube which make it extremely usable. Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Vegan all get a big yes in my book. One of my closest friends is horribly allergic to gluten and finds it snuck into things you wouldn’t expect all the time. Nobody wants a nasty gluten reaction because of a bit of oral fun. I prefer all my cosmetics to be paraben free and I’m a vegetarian myself so I feel the pain of the vegan community.

Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube Review


I noticed that Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a low-calorie sugar substitute. Stevia is considered vagina safe in the respect that it doesn’t feed yeast infections in the same way sugar does. Now initially this confused me for a couple of reasons. I can understand using Stevia as an ingredient in flavoured lube that was also intended to be used vaginally as it would massively reduce the risk of yeast infections as a result of using it. But in the list of ingredients was Glycerin. Which can be converted to sugar in the vagina and may cause yeast infection issues.

To me this pretty much negates the point of using Stevia. However, on closer inspection I noticed two important points. The first is Wicked Aqua do state on the bottle that the Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube:

“adds subtle natural flavours to enhance oral pleasures”

So, although it doesn’t specifically state it’s not suitable for internal use it does point to an oral based use. The second clicked through my nutritional training. Because Wicked Aqua contains Stevia and glycerin it would be suitable for diabetics to use. I love this! I work with diabetic clients in my day job and know they find it horribly restricting. If Wicked Aqua deliberately developed this a diabetic safe lube, then I stand and applaud them.


Knowing that Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube is artificially sweetened I wasn’t expecting much in respect of taste. But I was pleasantly surprised. Using Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial was great fun. The thin liquid runs down his shaft nicely and spreads over his cock easily. A little goes a long way and the heady scent of cherry liqueur fills the air.

The taste is strong, undertones of chocolate wash over my tongue as I lick up his shaft. As the lube hits my tongue its exactly like I’ve bitten into a liqueur and the warming, delicious liquid centre is sliding down my throat. There is a noticeable alcohol flavour and it’s very nice. If a flavour can be described as dark, then this is it. Although it is labelled as Cherry Cordial I swear that is actually a liqueur on the front of the bottle. Well it looks like one to me.

The taste doesn’t last as long as I would like, but I do like to draw out cock sucking. However, when it’s there it’s an exotic addition to my much beloved blow job experience. Although Wicked Aqua state there’s no after taste on the bottle I found there was a bit of one. It wasn’t awful just left a kind of hit at the back of my throat. This could be the nature of the particular flavour.


Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube Review

One thing I really liked about Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube was it was totally non-sticky. It rinsed off with no problem at all and even after oral play there was no sticky residue, not on my hands or his cock. Neither of us suffered any irritation after play either. Having checked the ingredients, I can’t see anything which would cause irritations, sadly apart from the glycerine.


Being water based Wicked Aqua can be used with silicone toys safely and is also latex friendly. I love the inclusive nature of Wicked Aqua and I love the sinful taste and smooth performance. However, I would advise caution using Wicked Aqua for penetration if you’re prone to yeast infections. I rate Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube an 8/10.

You can buy Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube from SheVibe for $7.99.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured LubeYou can read more about this lube at wickedsensualcare.com.

The Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube is also available here at SheVibe.com for $7.99.

This lube was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Wicked Sensual Lubes. Thank you! ?

Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube Review

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Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial Flavoured Lube Review

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