We-Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review

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Red Vs Blue Hella Rude sex toy reviews at Cara SutraWe-Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review

By Red Vs Blue of Hella Rude

We received these We-Vibe sex toys free of charge from We Vibe and Hella Rude in order to write our We-Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review. Thank you!

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Both the We-Vibe Classic Plus and the We-Vibe 4 Plus couples’ vibrators are fashioned from medical grade silicone in a matte finish, making them hygienic and easy to clean.

Although the Classic Plus only comes in purple, the 4 Plus comes in purple, pink or ‘slate’ – a dark grey. Historically We-Vibes have an organic, almost melty-looking curved design, whereas the 4+ has a shorter, bulbous external end coupled with a stubby, spoon-shaped internal nub, with ripples in the finish that seem largely for show rather sensation.

We Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review by Cara Sutra Hella Rude Red Vs Blue

Both vibes come with a simple four button remote but can also be controlled via a bluetooth connected app (watch out! There are versions of the We-Vibe Classic which don’t include app control! Read the descriptions carefully). This same app then allows a second user to connect remotely, as long as they have an internet connection. The result is a toy which can be manipulated from anywhere in the world easily and responsively. Clean, minimal and functional, the app controls are simple and fun use, even providing a customisable program of vibe cycle settings.


Although I had seen the weird floppy horseshoes that are couples vibrators around the place, I have to admit to my own ignorance as to what they actually were and how they worked. So I was a little surprised to find they were meant for couples rather than being the sexual equivalent of a douchebag businessman with a hands-free Bluetooth headset.

There are a few features which at first seemed like a novelty. Connecting to a mobile app felt superfluous when they come packed in their Invasion of the Body Snatchers pods with compact, elegant and intuitive remote controls. Yet, the navigation and control the visual representation provides was SO much fun to play with, that at times I had to remind myself there were orgasms to be had here!

The We-Vibe Classic Plus was the first to be given a run for it’s money and I have to say, even though it didn’t add much of a sensation for me I loved using it. Being able to use “Little Red” to manipulate the position and pressure of the vibe inside Blue was incredibly satisfying.

We Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review by Cara Sutra Hella Rude Red Vs BlueDoggy style was a particular favourite for us both, allowing me to pull Blue in until we were grinding hip to hip and hold the pressure and allow her to her appreciate the sensation. It added little for me other than the slight rumble of silicone but I was more than happy to let Blue get the benefits of this one.

So, after finding the classic to be genuinely one of the most enjoyable couples toys I had ever used, my expectations for the 4+ were high, but with little headroom left in which to improve on the experience already.

We first used the 4+ remotely, and when I say remotely I mean I was a good 30 miles away. Using the app I was able to flick between messaging Blue and control the patterns and intensity, all the while sat in work surrounded by people who were none the wiser. Basically we were sexting whilst I was able to take control and make Blue orgasm. It was fucking great! The app doesn’t stop if you change to another app on the phone so we were able to keep in constant contact. It’s a strange but satisfying experience in a manner so filthy it left me sat at my desk for a good 5 minutes after, lest I be knocking my work mates coffee cups over with the bulge in my trousers.

When it came to using the 4+ together I was amazed by how big a step up it was. Using the same method mentioned earlier we were able to climax together, both using the powerful vibrations to their maximum effect. Spending such a long time so satisfyingly deep and physically close with sexual sensation provided third hand resulted in an amazingly intense mutual experience.

The only real flaw we came across with both We-Vibes was the remote controls, they were incredibly unreliable and unresponsive. It was a consistent problem with both in all situations, one which may have been exacerbated by the fact the two remotes seemed to get confused by the presence of more than one vibe in the room. There is always the option of using the app, but in the throws of passion reaching for an oversized smartphone and smothering the screen with a mixture of lube and bodily fluids isn’t a very ideal situation.


We-Vibe sex toys have had mixed reception in the past – some women raving about them and some being left cold. When I purchased a We-Vibe 2 a few years ago, I was no different. The combination of being a bit of a power queen coupled with my individual anatomy meant the 2 was positioned slightly in the wrong place to get me off, something which it’s vibrations could not compensate for. Since the release of the Tango clitoral vibrator, however, We-Vibe seem to have upped their game, and I was eager to see what the Classic and the 4 Plus could do for me. The most important thing I was looking for from both were strong clitoral vibrations which would compliment penetrative sex, and would be strong enough for solo/remote play.We Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review by Cara Sutra Hella Rude Red Vs Blue

The Classic retains the ‘traditional’ We-Vibe shape of the 2, except now in matte silicone rather than the shiny, fluff-collecting smooth finish of yore. The vibrations of the Classic seem to be concentrated in the tip of the external end and the middle of the internal bit, which meant it was slightly off for my anatomy. During sex it provided a satisfying level of background stimulation and was particularly fun when Red took me from behind extremely slowly, allowing me to grind up against him and feel as much of the clitoral vibration as possible. The Classic seemed to be more of a ‘helping hand’ rather than star player – although it definitely made a welcome addition.

We Vibe Classic Plus vs We-Vibe 4 Plus Comparison Review by Cara Sutra Hella Rude Red Vs Blue
The first experience I had of the 4+ was waking up a bit randy one morning after Red had gone to work. Itching to play, I inserted the toy and used the app to send a connecting request to Red. From the comfort of his workplace, he managed to control the vibe to bring me to orgasm. Afterwards I rolled over, smug that he would now have to hide his boner from his colleagues. This in itself was miraculous to me – a toy so small that could successfully achieve orgasm hands-free and remotely operated by my lover was something to be celebrated.

However much fun it was alone – the 4+ really came into it’s own during sex. Being infinitely more powerful than the Classic meant I was already skirting orgasm before Red had even penetrated me, but when he did I felt all parts of the toy press into the right places. The unique shape pressed into my G-spot creating a wonderful feeling of fullness without being uncomfortable (as Red is on the large side anyway), while the strong rumblings of the external end pressed directly onto my clitoris.

We used a pulse setting for the majority of the time, switching to constant vibration as I climbed on top. This didn’t do much for me as the position nudged the vibe onto my mons pubis, but Red seemed to enjoy it immensely. We concluded with an intense slow mutual orgasm as Red again took me from behind – this position giving maximum stimulation to both of us.

I preferred the 4+ over the Classic by miles, the stronger vibrations paired with the slightly different shape which fitted well to my lady bits make it a great toy to use alone or with Red – whether he’s in the room or not! The vibrations are still not *quite* as strong as I like, but then again I love mains-powered beasts like Magic Wands, so the WeVibes are probably more than ample for most people. It also has a tendency to be nudged out of place, and not be optimal for all positions, so this might be something to bear in mind if you can only orgasm in a certain position, or if some positions are not feasible for you.


Although the Classic was okay, we really liked the power behind the 4+, particularly for Red. Be aware of placement for ladies though, not everybody will fit it exactly. The app is a fun, functional asset to the toy and will be particularly of interest to long-distance couples, as it provides a tangible alternative to merely watching or communicating with your lover. Charging is a breeze with the charging hub, and the pod means it’s not quite as obviously a sex toy if prying eyes glance it.

At the moment, the price difference is negligible so we’d totally recommend paying the extra for the 4+, as it’s just that much better.

Classic score: 7.5/10

4+ score: 9/10

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The We-Vibe Classic and We-Vibe 4 Plus were provided for free by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest, impartial review.

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