UberKinky Dragon Claws Review

9 out of 10

UberKinky Dragon Claws Review

BDSM Sensation Play Tool

I received the gorgeous UberKinky Dragon Claws direct from UberKinky, free of charge, for the purposes of this fair and honest review. UberKinky run a very well managed scheme for sex toy testing and reviews, take a look and sign up if you’d like to review their products on your own blog. Their affiliate scheme can also be a beneficial thing to join you run a sex blog or sex toys reviews website.

UberKinky Dragon Claws Review | BDSM Sensation Play Tools Reviews

I must admit that the UberKinky Dragon Claws caught my eye for purely aesthetic reasons to begin with. There’s an arachnid connotation there which I felt would photograph beautifully. On a more practical note, I thought it might also make a novel backscratcher. Or maybe even a butt scratcher (that’s hilarious if you’re a Family Guy fan. Honest).

Hey, I like versatile sex toys.

I also like sex toys that I don’t have to worry about leaving lying around the place, and the UberKinky Dragon Claws could easily be written off by any visitors as said backscratcher if I wanted to proudly display it on the mantelpiece or bookcase.

For a toy that’s less than £30 it’s already sold itself to me. Then we get to the (even) sexier uses.

Yes, even sexier than a butt scratcher.

UberKinky Dragon Claws Review | BDSM Sensation Play Tools Reviews

The UberKinky Dragon Claws are meant to be used during BDSM sensation play. Kinda like vampire gloves (my review) but definitely more a tool, an extension of your hand rather than something you wear on your hand. The prongs aren’t quite as prickly and ouchy as the vampire gloves, so you can afford to be less delicate. This obviously depends on your pain tolerance and if you even want your sensual session to include masochism at all. The Dragon Claws are incredibly effective as a foreplay and arousal tool, regardless of gender/sexuality etc.

Used lightly over the sensitive skin of the inner thighs, or trailing down my back, or along the insides of my arms, or around my navel area, the UberKinky Dragon Claws awakened a heightened sense of physical awareness and it wasn’t long before the flickers of desire sparked up. It helps if the rest of the room/session is prepped for an arousing foreplay session of course; it probably won’t have the same effect if you whack it out on the sofa when watching Corrie with the family. Atmosphere is everything. Prep your pad with what does it for you – whether candles, incense and a rose-petal scattered duvet, or turn up the Pantera, stretch out the PVC sheets and get your partner to put you in a spreader bar/forced orgasm harness (read reviews) combo.

UberKinky Dragon Claws Review | BDSM Sensation Play Tools Reviews

Due to a somewhat perverted mind (who, me?) it wasn’t long before I realised that the handle of the UberKinky Dragon Claws is quite smooth and rounded. Bulbous and rounded. Alluringly so, in fact. A quick tweet to UberKinky and it was confirmed that the UberKinky Dragon Claws are safe to use internally (yes, the smooth rounded handle side only, obvs) as the implement is made with 316 stainless steel.

Have I mentioned I like versatile sex toys?

UberKinky Dragon Claws Review | BDSM Sensation Play Tools Reviews

It can be a bit tricky figuring how to hold the UberKinky Dragon Claws when using it internally, as the handle you’re left with then is the rather pointy prongs. It is possible though, and you don’t even just have to use it vaginally, the claws area is wide enough so you could use it anally too. Stainless steel is non-porous meaning it will stay hygienic between uses, as long as you clean it thoroughly and spritz with some anti-bac sex toy cleaner spray.

Even if you’re not that much of a perv and you just want to use the UberKinky Dragon Claws as the manufacturers intended, this is still an excellent value item and an all-round fun piece of kit to add to your collection. Whether you’re a sensual, romantic lover or a swinging-from-the-rafters-wearing-your-locked-butt-plug kinkster (or both of course) the UberKinky Dragon Claws can add a lot of pleasure to your session. Use with your lover, partner, Dom or sub, the choice is yours.

UberKinky Dragon Claws Review | BDSM Sensation Play Tools Reviews

Measurements: Overall length of 9 inches, which includes the handle which is 4.75 inches in length. Each ‘claw’ measures approximately 2.9 inches in length.
Note: Marked a point down just due to some slight discolouration between the prongs, it would be full marks if this was the same smooth shiny metal as the rest of the device.

You can buy the UberKinky Dragon Claws for just £26.99. Bargain.



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