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6 out of 10

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer The Big Gay Review

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup review: When I first started getting into sex toys, TENGA was one of the first brands I found myself gravitating towards. They offered unique masturbation products that were not disembodied genitalia, and when you are still exploring sex toys, that can be quite threatening. But TENGA were just like ‘trust us, put your dick in this and you will thank us’. And so, I did, and boy am I glad I did.

TENGA initially came to my attention with their line of disposable Onacup toys; masturbators that you essentially use once and then dispose of. For a long time, I struggled to really understand why you would want that; why spend all that money on something you can only use once. But it does indeed have its uses…

First Impressions

This particular cup (the TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup) is a little bit special. This one is dual ended; so it has two textures in one toy. I mean, that’s always a great thing in my opinion. At the red end of the cup, you have the ‘bitter’ side; a canal that clings tightly to your member as you carefully slide in and out. On the silver end of the cup, you have the ‘sweet’ side; a softer, more gentle experience. You can switch up between the 2 as you wish.

The TENGA cups come already lubricated, so all you need to do is get aroused and get off…

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup Review

In Use

So how does the TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup feel? Well, on first impressions, I can definitely tell you this is not for the super-girthy. At 5.5 inches myself, I wasn’t quite expecting the struggle that was to come.

Sweet Side

First, the sweet side. I’m the kind of person who would have pudding before dinner, if I could. So naturally, I went straight for the sweet side. But I also figured it would be the perfect side to build things up nice and slowly. I tried to squeeze my way in, and it was difficult. It’s definitely a snug fit. I just couldn’t quite squeeze in. Then I realised I had left the cap on the other end. Perhaps that needs to be off to allow better air flow? I don’t know..

I took it off and then tried to slip inside again. 2 things happened. The first thing, was that I managed to squeeze my way into the cup. Despite being a tight fit, it was still kinda nice. The second thing that happened was LUBE VOLCANO. As I slipped inside, I forced out a load of lube from the other end of the cup, and it started to dribble down the sides. Whoops. At least I know that there is no chance of this lube drying out on me during use! There’s SO MUCH OF IT.

Bitter Side

Once I’d had my fill of the sweet side, I flipped the cup around for a go on the bitter end. If I thought the ‘Sweet’ end was a tight fit… yeah that was nothing. Still, with a bit of persistence (and another mini lube volcano at the other end) we were in.  I got a good few strokes in before I decided that I would flip-flop between the 2 sides. As I pulled out of the bitter side, there was a little bit of sponge that came out with me; completely saturated with lube. I’m not entirely sure exactly where it came from… so that was interesting.

After a modestly vigorous session, I could feel an orgasm coming, and I pushed in as far as I could, and then it happened. It had done its job, could I really complain? As I pulled out ready for clean up, I once again pulled out more lubricated sponge. This time, it was a full ring of it, and it was wrapped round my shaft like a soggy wet scarf. The thing was just falling apart; I could understand why they market them as one use!

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup Review

It’s not all doom and gloom. The sponges in the TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup definitely seem to be how the lube is delivered into the toy; the sleeve inside is very stretchy, and seemed to withstand a good beating. If you wanted to get more than one use out of it, I would suggest using a condom; you’ll just need to top up the lube in between uses. But I certainly wouldn’t suggest keeping it for much longer, as there really is no way to clean the inside properly.


So I have mixed feelings about this TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup. In general, the onacups are a relatively inexpensive way to try out a textured masturbator. You don’t have to worry about a care routine; just (and pardon the expression) pump and dump. Because of their non-gendered design, it can be great way of introducing sex toys to a partner, and they are definitely more fun when used together.

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup Review

For this particular cup though, it’s a little too on the snug side for me, although I do appreciate there being 2 textures in the one toy. But now that TENGA have the Air-Tech cups, these ones do feel surplus to requirement now.

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup score: 6/10

– The Big Gay Review

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer The Big Gay Review for this review of the Tenga Double Hole Masturbator Cup. You can buy it here at Bondara for £12.99.

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara. Thank you! 🙂

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup Review

TENGA Double Hole Masturbator Cup Review

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