System JO Organic Lube Review

5 out of 10

System JO Organic Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kali Rose

May 2016 Update: Click to read Kali Rose’s New Formula System JO Organic Lube review!

System JO Organic Lube is a USDA certified organic personal lubricant (30ml). A 100% natural, water soluble formula made in the United States. Glycerin free – paraben free – petroleum free – latex compatible system. It’s vegan, gluten-free and never tested on animals. It uses plant-based glycerin and claims to be health positive, offering ‘hydration and regeneration’.


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System JO Organic Lube Review

It’s smell, something I’m usually very sensitive to, is pleasantly neutral and adds weight to the health positive benefit claim. If anything, the System JO Organic Lube has a slightly fresh and healthy odour. By that I mean a slightly leafy, gummy, acai, aloe- (which are a few of the products that are in there) type smell… I can imagine raw foodies and nutritionists loving this product. And the flavour? Yes… It even tastes good for you. Like a wheat grass aloe shot. So yay! It’s good for you!

System JO Organic Lube Review

Now, this lube cheekily calls itself ‘silky smooth’ which is a blatant lie. This product has a very peculiar texture… It’s lumpy and globular (see picture), strangely similar to some types of semen. It also has little flecks, like some kind of granular, almost vanilla like sprinkles in it. It’s quite the opposite to a nice glidey silky velvety lube. On the upside though it doesn’t spill out all over the sheets if you accidentally leave it open. But ‘NO’ to being lied to!

It calls itself long lasting which I also wouldn’t agree with. I seem to need to use a lot and then it dries out pretty quickly. I’ve had worse but I’ve definitely had better.

This lube does come in a nice little handy and discreet bottle with a click open cap. However its thick and lumpy texture makes it tricky to get out so of course the cap clicks shut again, two hands are required, arm waving and face pulling resume and unless you’re role playing an annoyingly frustrated character it’s just not sexy 🙁 especially when you’re having to reapply so frequently!

So to sum it up… Great and shite all at the same time! I wish it wasn’t because I love that this lube is all healthy and stuff. But would I buy it? Only if I had a client or lover who really wanted or needed it for health reasons. Though if the System JO Organic Lube sorted out its texture I’d be there!

– Kali Rose

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kali Rose for this review of the System JO Organic Lube..

Read the May 2016 updated review of the new formula System JO Organic Lube by Kali Rose.


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  1. Hi Kali, thanks for the review, we had some similar feedback on the line and System JO has now re formulated the Organic line so it has a much smother more gel like feel to it and is longer lasting. This will be in stores over the next few months. More than happy to send a new sample so that you can compare the two.
    Many thanks

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