System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit Review

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System JO

System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit Review

By Married2Sexy

Massage is a welcome foreplay with my wife and me. So much so I invested in a portable massage table.  Gliding my hands over her body, taking liberties to stimulate her thighs, breast, butt, and labia.  Finishing her relaxation with a yoni massage. Love every minute of this, so of course we high-fived each other when we found out that we were getting the System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit.


System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit Review

The packaging is a white box highlighting its contents. The front of the box is to draw you in to look, while the back advertises why you need it.  The size is just right to fit the tea light candle, handheld massager and a small amount of massage silicon-based oil.  The massager is non-powered, solid plastic “H” shaped device.  It fit comfortably in my hands, but admittedly I have smaller hands so any size larger would have to adjust their grip to more of a palming.  Each tail of the “H” has a ball.  On one end these are smaller and are bent toward each other, while the other end’s balls are about one and half times larger and are parallel to each other.

System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit Review

The 1 ounce lube bottle seems like it will only provide coverage for one person one time.  Removing the safety seal, I was greeted with a wonderful light peppermint smell.  It didn’t smell like candy but rather fresh mint tea.  Hoping the taste would match, I licked the seal I had just removed.  Well shoot, it did not.  You could smell it, but the taste of silicon surpassed the cooling mint taste I was looking for.

The ingredients labelling also indicated capsicum frutescens resin.  Seeing this I expect to have a slight heat to my lips, but that too was not present. The tea light is a nice touch, but since it is not a massage candle, its usefulness is limited and the temperature of the wax WILL BURN THE SKIN so do NOT get any ideas to use this on the recipient.

Lastly, the included 4×4 inch double sided glossy card stock instruction sheet provides you instructions on setting up the evening.  This includes setting the mood with the included tea light candle to how to use the manual massager.  This is a waste of paper, except for one tip; to use the heels of your hand and palms rather than fingers and thumbs to rub large muscle masses.  This tip reduces the giver’s fatigue and allows for more contact. Now for testing the product.

Miss Sexy lay down on her stomach greeting me with her soft naked back.  Drizzling a line of oil down her spine, I started running my hands along it spreading the oil to cover.  Though not overly slick, it was not tacky either.  The room filled with this pleasurable mint note.  Needing a bit more I made another line down her back and began the massage.  I didn’t want to miss out on touching her skin, so I did not use the hand massager at this time.

System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit Review

The oil provided a perfect amount of friction and warming sensation.  Feeling like I used a lot, I looked to see how much was left in the bottle and was excited to see it was less than an eighth.  Granted only concentrating on her back today, I was at least more optimistic I can use it a couple times before needing to buy more.

After 15 minutes, the oil was finally losing its glide and though not tacky, was not providing the necessary slickness.  Finishing the session, I covered her up to lie down for a while.  Though intercourse was not on the table, I needed a release (she has that effect on me all the time) and she offered to assist me.  Wanting to try the oil, I opted to use it on my penis as I masturbated.  The warming effect of the mint and capsicum frutescens resin was a nice sensation, but there was not enough slickness to stimulate me in the way I needed.

The next night Mrs. Sexy had a headache so I wanted to try out the manual massager from the System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit on her to relieve some tension.  Not having the environment to have her remove her clothes, I used the massager over her shirt.  She commented on how nice this felt and how it was helping with her head.  The nonparallel small ball side allowed me to trace her spine, massaging each side of it.  The larger ball side worked wonders on the shoulders and along the neck.  The only drawback is that the drag caused by her shirt prevented smooth transitions, but when concentrating on a spot this was not the case.

Overall the System JO All in One Couples Massage Kit is not something I would recommend picking up.  The idea of providing a massage to your lover is great for the giver and receiver.  The skin to skin connection is awesome foreplay and even if it does not lead to anything, the simple fact you get to touch their body is a delight.

Rather than investing in the kit, invest in a larger bottle of the included massage oil (or one of the 4 other varieties) and a massage candle.  The oil is better than I thought it would be and I will keep a supply around for massage days.  The smell of the oil is lightly mint and the glide is smooth and never tacky.  Everything else included is of little necessity.  The manual massager works, but the joy of giving a massage is running your hands over the skin.  The candle is a 10 cent inclusion and the instruction guide, well you get more information from YouTube.

Overall the kit’s score reflects the quality of the oil, which unfortunately only gives an amount for a session or two.


– Married2Sexy

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