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System JO Agapé Sensitive Water Based Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Tangled Lover

System JO Agapé Sensitive Water Based Lube review: We have tried lots of different lubes over the years, but I am not sure that we have found the perfect one yet.  So it is always exciting to try a new one and see what it has to offer.

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First impressions of the System JO Agapé Sensitive Water Based Lube was very good, we tested the 30ml bottle which is a great size to throw in your handbag or take on a dirty weekend away.  It also has a nice easy flip top lid which is useful because I lose lids as soon as I put them down.  I have taken this lube away on holiday and had no problems with it leaking in my bag.  This is marketed as a sensitive lubricant and it states on the bottle that is does not contain Glycerine, Silicon or Oil, this was reassuring as I do have sensitive skin and have reacted to other lubes before.

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The lube itself is transparent and I could not detect any odour from it.  The consistency is really good, I don’t like using lubes that are too runny and just make a mess, but this System JO Agapé Sensitive Lube is easy to use on the areas you want without it running all over the bed!

I used the lube for a solo play session with my favourite dildo and was very impressed with it I found that it did exactly what a good lube should do, it felt great and gave a good low friction playtime.  I did find I had to apply more lube after a prolonged play session but it definitely lasted longer than a lot of the other lubes that I have tried.  Afterwards I found that the lube did not leave any greasy or sticky residue and was easy to wash off.

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I then tested the System JO Agapé Sensitive Lube with my husband during a toy and sex session and again found that it performed extremely well. During this session my husband commented that the lube really didn’t taste very nice, he said that it had a very bitter sharp taste that was rather off putting.

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I found that my skin has had no negative reaction after using this lube and being that I am quite sensitive I am really happy with it.  I really liked this System JO Agapé Sensitive lube and would definitely use it when I am playing on my own.  The only down side that we discovered was the taste and this means that we would not use this lube for couples play.

I would give the System JO Agapé Sensitive Water Based Lube a rating of 8/10.

– Tangled Lover

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Tangled Lover for this review of the System JO Agapé Sensitive Water Based Lube (usually priced at £5.95 for a 30ml bottle)

This lube was recently sent free of charge with all vibrators purchased from Velvet Fleurs as a special offer. This bottle was supplied free of charge in exchange for review, with the Satisfyer Pro 2 which Tangled Lover reviewed here at CaraSutra.

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