Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Lube Review

9 out of 10

Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Lube Review

By PoisonHyvee

This is my third review of a stimulating lube/gel, and I am still excited to talk about it! My first review was a silicone anal lube with an absolutely stenchy clove odor, and my second was a lovely but small in amount clit-stimulating gel. This lube (the Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube), however, is a sort of combination of the two; it is a water-based sensitizer but it’s qualified as a lube rather than a gel, so it comes in a much larger quantity. This means you can apply it outside of the clitoris if you wish to get sensation over a larger area, or if you wish to put it on other parts of your body (vagina, ass, penis, nipples, whatever you like!).

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I will be approaching this Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube review from a standalone viewpoint (not directly comparing it to another lube, because there are so many that it really wouldn’t be fair with my small sample size) but with a background of experience that informs my review.


Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube Review

First of all, full disclosure, Sliquid is hands-down my favorite lube company. I have almost all of the varieties of Sliquid on hand in my sex stash- Sliquid Organics Natural, Sliquid Silk- hybrid silicone/water based, two flavored varieties (called Swirl) in Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry, and Sliquid Sassy (thicker, designed for anal use) are my dream team and will forever be in my heart and my orifices.

Sliquid lubes are always DEA free, gluten free, glycerine and glycerol free, paraben free, PEG and propylene glycol free, sorbitol & sulphate free, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and vegan. That’s a long list, but basically it means Sliquid lubes will never hurt you. Their marketing is also blissfully unproblematic and sex-positive. I strongly support Sliquid for any of your lube needs.


Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube Review

Another thing I love about Sliquid is that the packaging is so… non-obnoxious. It doesn’t necessarily pass as lotion per se, but it’s nondescript in its design and fun in its colors without being clashy. The bottles are good quality and most are see-through so you can see when you’re low, this one included. The only hang-up I have with the Sliquid bottles is that they tend to gum up at the opening of the cap sometimes, but taking a clean toothpick and swiping the congealed lube out every few weeks keeps it functioning perfectly.

Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube Review

Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube is the usual Sliquid design a lovely orange color. The lube itself is clear and fairly viscous. It’s water-based and colorless, so it doesn’t stain and leaves no residue which makes cleanup painless.

In Use

(content warning: light discussion of consensual spanking and forced orgasms/edging in 3rd paragraph)

Unlike most stimulating gels, this Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube does not give instructions of how much to use and where. This I took to mean it can be used as normal lube. So, when I tried it, I applied it liberally to my vulva and the dildo I was using for that particular masturbation session. Immediately, the cooling sensation set in, both on my vulva and on and around my g-spot.

Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube Review

The Sliquid website says that it cools first, then warms with friction, and that is certainly my experience, both externally and internally. I came perhaps a bit faster than usual, but more remarkable was how good it felt during the build-up. I tend to get a kind of tunnel-vision when I masturbate, but this made me slow down and really enjoy the experience of getting off. While most times I kind of lose sensation after a while, I still felt the pressure and vibrations after 20 minutes!

I found that this was also true when I was edging my submissive- she was very frustrated even after several forced orgasms- a sign of an excellent and long-lasting lube if I’ve ever seen one. It was also a nice cooling sensation mid-spanking to pull her back to attention.

There was one less-than-perfect attribute to this Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube, though. It is not a dealbreaker for me, but it may be for some: it has a fairly strong taste. The taste is even strong enough to overpower the natural taste of vaginal lubrication fluid and body odors of the vulva. The taste kind of reminds me of public bathroom soap- not gross per se, but a bit acidic (in taste, the lube is pH balanced) and plasticky in a slightly disarming way.

It does not have a strong smell, however.

The taste would probably be most relevant during unprotected cunnilingus, analingus, or fellatio (eating someone out on their vulva, eating someone’s ass, or giving a blowjob in less clinical terms). Using an unlubricated dental dam or condom with Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube on the receiver’s side and nothing/a regular lube/a nice flavored lube on the giver’s side will clear that issue right up!

Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube Review



Overall, I would recommend the Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Water Based Lube to anyone who struggles with loss of sensation, wants to last longer, or wants to up their kink game. It’s a great bang for your buck (so to speak) as well, at 4.2 oz for USD $12, so it will last a long time for a very little amount of money.

– PoisonHyvee

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