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10 out of 10
Silicone, Water

Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe

This Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube is from Sliquid and is their silk variant. It is glycerine and paraben free. It is a water based lubricant that is blended with 12% silicone. This product is also vegan friendly which is an amazing bonus as it makes it great for everyone.


First thing I noticed about the Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube was the packaging colour, I absolutely love the colour. Everything about purple is awesome so this stuck right out to me. Also the font was attractive and made it more appealing to me, something I would definitely pick up in a shop. It has an easy tear bit in the corner of the sachet which was handy as trying to fight open anything in the middle of intimacy is a right passion killer.

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Upon squeezing some Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube out it had a creamy white-ish look too it. Another plus point of this is that it felt super smooth and silky between my fingers. My partner commented on how using it during foreplay it made a difference with using it particularly on me. It definitely felt a lot lighter compared to most lubricants which I enjoy as it was a lot different in that aspect. Another big bonus is that it didn’t leave a greasy after effect feeling. It felt like it was just smooth and then when it had dried out and used up it like felt normal again no awful feeling of stickiness after. The smell of the Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube was like any other lubricant it didn’t seem to smell any different.

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Overall I would definitely recommend this Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube to someone as it had different things that most lubricants don’t. It ticked all the right boxes for me and the fact it comes in a bottle will make for easier application when using the product. I don’t think I could honestly say there was any bad points about the Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube.

I would give the Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube a 10/10

– Fesure Maybe

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe for this contributed review of the Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube (view here at; available to buy on and UK at approx £11.50 for a 125ml bottle)

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