Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro Review

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Rocks Off

Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro Review

By Edge Of Pleasure

The Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro is a combined prostate massager and cock ring. The main body is made of soft, flexible body-safe silicone which is comfortable and had no sharp edges to cause discomfort to your oh so delicate parts. This sex toy is designed to stimulate multiple areas at once, the plug stimulates the prostate, the ring aids your erection and a section of raised dimples takes care of the perineum.

Rocks Off Review Rocks Off Review

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Included in the box is the Rocks Off Ignition Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator in silver. The 10 speed bullet which charges via USB cable (also supplied) simply pushes into the base of the massager and is controlled via a single button on its base.

In use, the slim tip of the massager aids insertion and the flexibility allows the ring section of the Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro to be fitted and adjusted for comfort easily. I found that getting the comfort level just was a bit of a black art to begin with and requires a little practice. The massager would lose its seating position while attempting to position the ring.

Once positioned the ignition bullet does an amazing job of sending intense vibrations throughout your body, with the slower speeds allowing your body to become adjusted to the sensations while the higher speeds are intended for pure pleasure. The different variations of pattern settings from the bullet will ensure there is a setting to please all tastes and will soon lead to an amazing orgasm.

Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro Review

There are a few areas with the Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro that make it a little fiddly to use to begin with but are easily overcome. You really need to consider the amount of lube you use on insertion, the massager can sometimes unexpectedly slip if the cock ring is caught during use, if there was a little more definition in the seating taper then this would help prevent this movement. I also feel that the ring to massager section could do with being a little longer. I understand that it needs to be a snug fit but sometimes the ring can pull causing the massager to unseat.

These minor problems can be overcome with prolonged use and as you become more accustomed with the best positioning for your needs. Overall the Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro delivers a huge variety of amazing sensations with something there to please most people whether being used along or with a partner whilst having the option to use the bullet by itself.

Make sure you have enough charge before you start playing as once you start you will not want to stop!

– Edge Of Pleasure

Thanks to Edge Of Pleasure for this review of the Rocks Off RO-ZEN Pro.

Rocks Off Review Rocks Off Review

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