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Fun Factory B Balls Anal Toy in Black Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Supercutesecret

I was super excited to test out the Fun Factory B Balls Anal Toy in Black (available from Bondara) for the Pleasure Panel. I have tried a few different types of  butt plugs, but am at a point where only something that isn’t similar to what I already have in my collection makes me excited and eager to test out. The concept for this particular offering is indeed different and I saw a potentially new sensation for me to experience.

The packaging for the Fun Factory B Balls is super nice, all shiny gold and neat, like a little present. I have never had a toy from Fun Factory before (though have heard many great things about them in the sex toy community), but I would assume that all their products are similarly prettily packaged, considering this item is actually towards the cheaper end of the scale of their offerings.

So, I had a good ol’ scrutinise when I got inside the box. This butt plug takes the form of two balls, with one being slightly larger than the other, with a T-shaped base. Its shape is reminiscent of anal beads, so if you’ve dabbled in those, but not a butt plug, this could maybe be a good stepping stone into a new type of toy. The two balls are actually plastic, which have then been encased in the silicone butt plug body. The visible plastic on this version is grey, however I have seen it in red too, so be sure to look around to check you’re happy with the colour preference. The plug itself is bigger than I was expecting it to be. The weight is very light, apparently 86g, but the dimensions mean that despite the lightweight-ness, I would recommend this toy only for those who have some prior anal experience and are getting onto the intermediate level.


I took the Fun Factory B Balls out of the box and gave a shake to see what these balls were like. In the hand, a full-on shake did create a rattling sensation and noise that excited and intrigued me. Of course, you’ll be wondering how my expectations fared against the reality of the sensations this promises…

For starters, the silicone used here is quite draggy, so as this is an anal toy I would definitely recommend you to have lube on hand when inserting this toy. I mean, I’d advise that with any anal toy, but especially so when there’s a probable element of friction that could occur. I would also recommend the type of lube to be a thicker one. I tried at first to use this toy with a runnier lube and to be honest I didn’t actually manage to insert it. I think it was due to the shape – combined with the nature of the lube, the lack of taper and the way that the silicone connecting the first and second ball is bendy, meant that it kept bending away from my hole and my lube-y fingers couldn’t get the right grip on it to push it in. I imagine with a partner this wouldn’t be an issue, but alone it definitely was a bit fiddly.

My second attempt with a thicker lube went a lot better. I managed to get the first ball in, despite the lack of taper, which I am normally used to, but my hole quickly sucked it in, much like the sensation of anal beads. The second ball is about half an inch girthier than the first, so it did take active relaxing thoughts to get the second ball inside me and I had to lay down, even though normally I insert butt plugs stood up. Once inside, I felt very full up (not that far off the feeling with a dildo, at least near the base with the larger ball), and instantly my clit felt aroused and I craved something inside my other hole.


I had a walk around, ready to feel the balls jiggling around. I quickly learned that walking with something inside you is not the same as shaking it in your hand. It doesn’t shake nearly as strongly, even when you shake your bum. When I walked, I had to actively try to walk with a bit of a swing to keep feeling the jiggle, and even then it was only gentle. I was expecting something a little more noticeable. I also noted there was no sound when inside me, you couldn’t hear the balls moving.

As a butt plug, the Fun Factory B Balls performed mightily well. It felt comfortable, but filling, in various positions. It enhanced my need for clit stimulation and I even managed double penetration with a rabbit vibrator, which felt awesome. However, despite this, I felt that the actual balls-jiggling-around aspect was lacking a bit. During masturbation, I became aware of how little I actually shake my bum or whatever i.e. the action that would be required to shuffle the balls. Even when simulating the motion of penetrative sex with someone else, I couldn’t really feel the balls moving, only inconsistently. When they moved, yes it felt good and gave me a little “ooo”, but it is so slight and occasional a sensation that I wouldn’t say it contributed much to my overall pleasure and experience.

The T-base is very handy when walking around. Due to the shape of the plug and how it gets sucked right in, the base sits super snugly under your butt cheeks. You literally can’t feel it’s there (but don’t worry, it is!). You could totally go out and about your day wearing this if you’re that way inclined, as you could walk around and sit down with no discomfort externally.


Cleaning the Fun Factory B Balls is no big deal, you just wash it thoroughly in the sink, there’s no fancy methods needed really. It did make me wonder why they didn’t just completely cover the balls in silicone, instead of having the little grey parts showing, as this just creates more nooks and crannies to clean, but whatever.

Overall, I feel like this isn’t a bad butt plug in itself, but its selling point needs to be stronger in use. I do understand that the actual mechanics of how our bodies work during sex and masturbation could make it hard to make the sensations any  stronger, but I have much faith in Fun Factory to do some creative wizardry to find a way anyway. I definitely would recommend more for walking around in/public play. If not using for that purpose, you can probably find a different butt plug and it won’t feel hugely different.

Fun Factory B Balls overall rating: 7/10

– Supercutesecret

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Supercutesecret for this review of the Fun Factory B Balls Anal Toy in Black (£24.99 from Bondara)

This anal sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara. Thank you! 🙂

Fun Factory B Balls Anal Toy in Black Review

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