Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager Review

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Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager Review

By Duke of Monroth

Our Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager review:

From the Duke:

This review is all mine. The Duchess watched, but didn’t really get to participate much. She didn’t miss much.

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Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager Review

Let’s start with the packaging. Well done! The Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager comes packaged with a paperboard sleeve that says “Please remove sleeve for display purposes”. When removed a beautiful package is presented with the toy in a plastic bubble package in a paperboard box.

The box has information in several languages describing the toy. Apparently the toy also comes in a royal blue color; I received a black toy. There is also an image on the package of how the toy should be inserted and what it “touches”…spoiler alert; it’s supposed to be your prostate.

When I opened the package I was surprised to find a registration card that included at 12 month guarantee! Now that is a confident toy manufacturer! You can visit the Rocks Off sex toys website and register your toy. Looking at the toy I was excited about giving it a test drive. It seemed like it was a well planned out toy, but when I started to play my eagerness faded as did my joy.

The Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager is a silicone toy so water based lube is the way to go. The toy itself has a slight matte texture which is good for holding lube on the toy during use. It is also battery operated. You will need to open the toy by twisting the vibe to remove the little piece of paper that prevents the toy from activating in the package. Once the little white circle is removed from inside the toy it was ready to go.

By pressing the button on the vibe it cycles through the different vibe patterns. In my hand the vibrations felt mild at best and in my ass were almost not noticeable. But before I could feel any kind of rumbling in my ass I had to insert the toy. The tip of the toy is too soft and flexible. It is rather difficult to insert because of this. Additionally the bulb at the base is at an awkward angle to the rest of the toy. The bulb is also too close to the base…the “neck” needs to be a little bit longer so it can be squeezed tight by your sphincter to hold it in place.

Once I inserted the toy fully I cycled through the different vibration modes. The vibrations simply are not strong enough.The nubs on the base aren’t recognizable either. It seemed like a good idea, but doesn’t really add anything. But my biggest disappointment is that the tip of this Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager never reached my prostate. I don’t know if my prostate is deeper than other guys but the small point tip of this toy did nothing for me. I tried to rock it back and forth, deeper, shallower…nothing. I was so disappointed.

So out came the Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager and in went my Aneros Progasm which really gets my rocks off. After play it’s time to clean up. I was frustrated again. The vibrator isn’t able to be removed from the toy which makes cleanup difficult. Any toy that goes in my ass needs to be easy to clean. I can’t boil it, put it in the dishwasher, nothing. I could only gingerly try to clean it under the faucet and wipe it down but that isn’t the best plan for anal toys.

I had high hopes for the Rocks Off O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Massager. It didn’t meet any of my expectations. It didn’t get me off, it is difficult to clean, the vibrations were weak. Maybe a guy who is smaller than me (I’m 6’2”) and a newbie to anal play this might be an ok starter toy but it wasn’t an “O-Boy” for me.


– Duke of Monroth

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