Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaning Spray Review

8 out of 10

Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaning Spray Review

By NatandTom

As a sensitive skinned woman who’d rather not use soap to clean her sex toys due to the irritation that sometimes follows, I tend to stick to sex toy cleaners to do the job. Surprisingly, I have less problems with cleaners than I do with hand soaps, especially the ones are that are alcohol free. I’ve tried a few cleaners now but I generally stick to the same two or three from brands that I trust just to be on the safe side. Pjur is a brand that I like for my other bedroom essentials, so I thought I’d put my name down to review a bottle of the Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaning Spray in April’s Pleasure Panel round and was selected to do so. Thanks again Cara!


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First Impressions

Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Spray Review

The bottle of Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Spray was shrink-wrapped upon arrival, which gave the reassurance that I’m looking for to indicate it had not been tampered with. The plastic was actually wrapped around the bottle so tightly it took me a few minutes to cut it off. The bottle itself is rather simplistic in design and has a nice blue and white colour scheme going on. It lists the full array of ingredients on the back along with some directions for use. I feel that it’s discreet enough to leave out on a dresser or in a bathroom amongst a few other items without causing any unwanted attention.

During Use

Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Spray Review

It dispenses via a spray (obviously) which makes use quick and convenient. All that’s needed is two to three squirts of product, depending on how big the toy is that you wish to clean. I’ve found that five sprays might be needed for the larger dildos that I have in my collection to completely cover the length and give me peace of mind that the entire surface area was covered. The bottle states that the toys can be wiped after if necessary, but I have stuck to my regular method of rinsing afterwards instead. I find this gives the best, fresh feeling. I leave the product on for around thirty seconds to work into the surface before doing so and then dry with a lint-free cloth.


Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Spray Review

The Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner Spray doesn’t have any particular scent to it, which is somewhat disappointing for me. I personally like to have a fresh scent to go with a clean surface area. I’m glad it doesn’t reek of chemicals and alcohol, but a little bit of an odour would have been better than nothing. Having said that, the use of no perfume in this product makes it ideal for those who don’t want odours or are sensitive to the use of artificial scents. I didn’t notice any irritation to my skin following use with the product and my toys felt as good as new, so I’d definitely use it again, it’s just not my personal favourite based on the lack of odour.


– NatandTom

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer NatandTom for this review of the Pjur Toy Clean Sex Toy Cleaner.


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