Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray – Pleasure Panel Review

6 out of 10

Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer crimescene

I was kindly selected by Cara to review the Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray. I was interested to know if it would enhance my sex life with my partner. It doesn’t necessarily need it but I am always interested in trying new products and seeing what they have to offer.


Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray is meant to significantly reduce premature ejaculation and help you last longer. You spray it directly onto the penis and give it a few moments to work beforehand. You are recommended to do a patch test first though to check you aren’t allergic to any of its ingredients. The spray is also condom safe and contains Aloe Vera to soothe the skin. It does claim to reduce penile hypersensitivity, which we assumed to mean it numbs the penis. We weren’t wrong.

My partner, on following the directions on the outer box and bottle, applied the Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray and waited a few moments. He noticed after a few seconds a mild tingling sensation which then turned into a numbing sensation. Neither of us found it particularly improved our intercourse (perhaps it just doesn’t need improving?) and it seemed to actually ruin it slightly for my partner due to the numbness. Understandably, if you’re numb then you aren’t going to feel much, whether that’s pleasure or pain.


We did however, appreciate that the Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray is condom safe and water-based. The outer packaging is professional and contains all the information you will need such as directions for use, ingredients and company information. The bottle being relatively small at 20ml did mean the information sticker was illegible which is why it’s wise to keep the box too. There doesn’t appear to be any particularly nasty ingredients and the list of them is very small.

Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray Review October 2016 Pleasure Panel

I wouldn’t say we are against this product and we will in fact try it again. I would say the Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray is an acquired taste but worth a try if you think it’s a product you think you would benefit from.


– crimescene

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer crimescene for this review of the Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray (€15.96/£14 from Pjur.com)

The Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Pjur.com. Thank you! 🙂

Pjur Superhero Spray Review

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Pjur Superhero Spray Review

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