Pjur Superhero Spray Review

2 out of 10

Pjur Superhero Spray Review

By Edge of Pleasure

I’ve never tried any male performance sprays or creams before. So when I was offered the opportunity to test the Pjur Superhero Spray was was intrigued as to the outcome and sensation. When the package arrived I was eager to look and see what I may have been missing.


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Pjur Superhero Spray ReviewThe Pjur Superhero Spray arrives in a well presented box with the silhouette of strong man on the front to give you the impression of how you will feel after using the product. The silver, yellow and black combination on the box gives it a crisp modern feel giving you the impression that this something new and not just a repackaged product from another guise.

How To Use

Inside the box is a single 20ml/0.68 fl oz pump action spray bottle with the same picture on it as the packaging. The Pjur Superhero Spray itself is designed to help prolong enjoyment by stimulating the skin with selected ginger extracts. it also claims to reduce skin over-sensitivity. On the box it says the Pjur Superhero Spray is not to be used on any open wounds. Therefore if you nicked yourself while having a trim you may want to give it a day to heal before using this spray.

The recommended dosage is two to four sprays. This is more than sufficient as the liquid comes out of the bottle with lots of force. This ensures that the liquid is evenly dispersed. You are then advised to wait a few minutes.

During Use

Pjur Superhero Spray Reviews

At this point I sat and wondered whether the spray was working… Surely after around 5 to 10 minutes I should feel something to say it has worked.

Now my disappointment set in. I didn’t feel any change in the amount of sensation I could feel. Neither did the Pjur Superhero Spray make me perform any differently than normal. The only thing I felt was a bit of a greasy type feeling when it was first applied and that seemed to be it. The liquid absorbed quite quickly and that was the only result for me.

In Conclusion

The high hopes that I had for the Pjur Superhero Spray only led to me being disappointed as there was no change whatsoever.

I would give the Pjur Superhero Spray 2/10

– Edge of Pleasure

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Edge of Pleasure for this review of the Pjur Superhero Spray.


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