Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube Review

5 out of 10

Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube Review

By Eliza93Marie

I have a terrible habit of using stuff before looking at the ingredients, this lube was no exception. I was sent this Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube as an extra review for the Pleasure Panel. This lube is made by Pjur and is specially formulated to relax the anal muscles for a less painful experience. This lube is not actually supposed to be numbing, there are no anaesthetic properties in the ingredients. However for some reason, I felt numbing. The only problem with that is, if you can’t feel it hurting how do you know when to stop? I am thankful to be a part of this amazing group of reviews.


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Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube Review


CYCLOPENTASILOXANE: This is the silicone product in the lube.
Dimethicone: This ingredient is a bit scary, from what I have researched.
Jojoba: The Jojoba is the ingredient that helps the anal muscles relax, for a less painful experience.

I have done a lot of research on the ingredients, and only the Dimethicone seems to cause a bit of a fright.


Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube Review

So of course, I used this product before researching the ingredients; which is probably a good thing for you. All in the name of science, right? My experience with this product wasn’t bad, to be honest.

I enjoyed using the Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube. I personally felt numb, which is odd because there are no antithetic properties; so I personally think that the numbing I experienced was my body reacting to one of the ingredients. Keep in mind that this lube is silicone, so I was limited about what toys I would test with it. I have a hard time putting in my glass plug from Lovehoney, it usually takes me around 10 minutes to insert from start to finish. Using the Pjur Back Door Lube it only took me about 3 minutes.

This lube is not supposed to numb my back side so that I can’t feel the pain, but my experience with it seemed to be numbing. I feel that everyone is different, and your experience may be different than mine. This lube probably wouldn’t numb most people, and that is good. As I said before I researched the ingredients, what I discovered about the Dimethicone was frightening to me. In the link I provided above, it says that there is moderate (non-reproductive) body toxicity risk.

When I first published this review, Pjur reached out to me directly and ask that I change my sources. From what I gather not all resources are the same. However, the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) does a great job of keeping information they provide up-to-date, as well as adding new information found from several different sources. I trust my sources to give me correct information. I am, however, going to provide the list of sources that Pjur’s Quality Manager, Patrick Giebel provided to me. These sources were quoted to me as “Reliable Data Sources:

-CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) 2010 (New Version)

– SCCS/1249/15: SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) – Version 25 March 2015

– SCCS/1241/10: SCCS Opinion on Cyclomethicone

– National Library of Medicine HSDB Database”

Now please note that the source I used above uses 4 different sources including the FDA, NLM, and CIR- which were named in quoted sources above.

This Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube works well, for its intended purpose. It is standard practice that you do not use silicone lubes with silicone toys, due to the concern of the silicones bonding together and causing imperfections with the toys. It is silicone so it should not be used with *most silicone toys. Glass and Metal toys are great with silicone lubes. Even after the contact with the people over at Pjur I still cannot recommend this product. The Dimethicone is a sketchy, non-organic ingredient. Pjur asked me to change my sources, to use theirs, which are also included in my own source. I want to thank Cara Sutra for sending me this lube to test and review.

I can say that it worked, however, I cannot in good conscience recommend this product. I give this product a 5/10.
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* Patrick Giebel included the following “In addition, we would like to mention that the statement concerning silicone-based personal lubricants and damage they may cause to silicone toys only pertains to personal lubricants and silicone toys of lower quality”. I do not feel that this is the case, Pjur may have “conducted tests on silicone-based products from the most reputable toy manufacturers”, however I do not feel that the risk of silicone bonding is only a “Low Quality” problem.

– Eliza93Marie

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Eliza93Marie for this review of the Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal Lube.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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